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FYI Debate for Beginners Public Speaking Workshop

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  • Glenn
    Hi everyone, apologies for cross posting. FYI I do volunteer work at the Bread and Roses Center. At the Bread and Roses Center, Radical Women is hosting a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2011
      Hi everyone,
      apologies for cross posting.

      FYI I do volunteer work at the Bread and Roses Center. At the Bread and Roses Center, Radical Women is hosting a workshop on public debating. This looks like a good workshop and developing one skills in advocating for social justice. I am passing along to others that may be interested.

      Glenn Kirkindall
      Portland, Oregon

      D for Opinionated People!
      Want to improve your speaking and listening skills as a social advocate?

      Feel nervous talking about controversial subjects in front of people you know,
      or don't know?

      Come work out your public speaking jitters with hands-on practice in a friendly

      Debate for Beginners Public Speaking Workshop for Opinionated People!
      Saturday, June 4th, 11:00am-4:00pm

      Bread and Roses Center
      6834 NE Glisan St
      Portland, Oregon
      (bus line 9)

      $20 fee includes lunch and printed materials
      We will focus specifically on articulating political issues and opinions on the
      spot, with emphasis on audience-oriented, jargon-free speech and honing
      individual style and manner for maximum effectiveness -- and fun! Group
      interaction and feedback is highly encouraged, with opportunities for
      individuals to practice giving speeches on different political and current
      events topics throughout the workshop. Everyone is welcome.

      Outcomes for attendees will include:
      Bolstered personal confidence in your ideas and political expression
      Heightened critical thinking and listening skills
      Awareness of ones own non-verbal cues, "verbal vomit" habits, and other tics
      that come up under pressure of public speaking – and strategies for working past
      Tools for effective argument construction
      Greater personal style, wit, persuasiveness, and candor in everyday
      speaking, which will be applicable to interpersonal interactions outside the
      workshop, speaking to the media, leading political protests and rallies, and

      Event coordinators: Bryan Fabert and Devin McDonnell are experienced British
      Parliamentary/Worlds debaters and coaches who worked with the Humboldt State
      University Speech and Debate team for four and two years, respectively. "Our
      goal is to build leadership among the left in publicly representing radical,
      socialist, and feminist political thought in a way that inspires and informs
      others, calls people into unified action, and cultivates the leadership of those
      not yet politically active." Come join us! Funds raised will benefit the Freedom
      Socialist Party Newspaper.

      Sponsored by Radical Women

      Please call or email ahead so that we know how many people will be
      participating. Call Emma at 503-240-4462 or email rwpdx@...
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