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Re: [disabilitystudies] People with Disabilities and Empowerment

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  • lm murray
    Hi Nilesh, How the heck are you? Long time, no hear from...How is post-flood construction proceeding? How goes the fight? Will you be reporting on this
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      Hi Nilesh,
      How the heck are you?  Long time, no hear from...How is post-flood construction proceeding?  How goes the fight?  Will you be reporting on this exciting event here or at another website? Please send links and let us know what you're up to.
      So good to hear something from you again!
      in Vancouver
      Canada's wacky Left Coast

      Nilesh Singit <singitnilesh@...> wrote:
      People with Disabilities and Empowerment
      Disability Rights Initiative, Bombay, invites all to participate to a
      meeting with Justice Zakeria Mohammed Yacoob of South Africa. 
      Justice Zakeria Mohammed Yacoob of the South African Constitutional
      Court is visiting India and meeting with its people.  Justice Yacoob
      is delivering a series of lectures all over the country and he will
      be speaking in Mumbai on 11th June 2007. 
      Justice Yacoob will share his experiences on disability issues and
      enumerate the importance of understanding that problems faced by
      disabled persons are not to be seen in isolation. The struggle for
      equality of disabled persons should go hand in hand with the struggle
      of equality by women, by Dalit and all those who are discriminated,
      with no food, shelter, employment or on the basis of sexuality to
      come together as a single voice. He will speak variety of issues
      concerning the struggle to achieve social equality and justice.
      Justice Yacoob believes that India and South Africa have a lot to
      learn from each other as both countries have many similarities as the
      respective constitutions of both the countries are the product of the
      struggle for freedom, fighting imperialism.  However, constitution
      and legislation themselves are not sufficient to achieve social
      justice, there are springboards for greater change and the duty of
      that court is to define and defend a fundamental belief in human
      rights and non-discrimination.
      The participants can interact and ask questions and this would be
      followed by a quick overview of the disability movement in India.
      About Justice Yacoob
      Zakeria Mohammed Yacoob, born in 1948, became blind at the age of
      sixteen months as a result of meningitis. Justice Yacoob was a member
      of the executive of the Natal Indian Congress from 1981 to 1991. He
      helped to plan and organise, participated in, and addressed numerous
      mass meetings aimed at supporting the struggle against apartheid. He
      was chairperson and a member of the executive of the Democratic
      Lawyers Association. Presently Justice Yacoob sits on the
      Constitutional Court of South Africa and is Chancellor of the
      University of Durban-Westville. He is also the Chairperson for the
      South African National Council for the Blind, where he sits on the
      Executive Committee and the National Management Committee.
      2nd Floor
      Madam Cama Road,
      Opp. Regal Cinema
      Mumbai - 31
      Date : Monday, 11th June 2007
      Time : 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
      For further details please Contact Raju Waghmare 09820946125

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