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  • Dino
    S F I D A Sindacato Famiglie Italiane Diverse Abilità Family Union for Italian Families Children with Special Needs www.sindacatosfida.it e-mail:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2006
      SFIDA Family Union for Italian Families Children with Special Needs

      S F I D A  Sindacato Famiglie  Italiane Diverse Abilità

      Family Union for Italian Families Children with Special Needs


       www.sindacatosfida.it  e-mail: infosfida@...  tel.(39) 3384520976 fax (39) 0882-991017


                                                                                     To the Minister of Education

                                                                                     To the Minister of Social Services

                                                                                     To the Minister of the Family Services

                                                                                     To the Minister of Justice

                                                                                     To the Minister of the Treasury




      Rome September 1, 2006




      NEW YORK : ( August 25, 2006) The U.N. approves the Convention Act fot the rights of people with disabilities.


      ROME: (September 2006) Millions of families will be obliged to ask the court system to guarantee the rights of their disabled children



      Honourable Ministers,


      For the academic year 2006/2007 is about to begin, but the reduction of Special Needs Teachers worries us. This signifies that millions of disabled and special needs students will not be guaranteed their right to education; therefore again this school year families will have to ask the courts to assure them their right to the hours of teacher support for their children.


      We are seeking answers to these questions:


      -Why the Minister of Education, in spite of the decisions of the court that confirm the illegality of the reductions of hours of special needs teachers for disabled students, continue to reduce the quantity of special needs teachers?


      -Why the Minister of Social Services does not intervene in defending disabled students that pertain to the so called “social disadvantaged groups” whose families haven’t the means to turn to the courts? 


      -Why hasn’t the Minister of Family Services intervened in defending these parents who must take time away from their children and work to go to lawyers’ offices and courts to defend their denied rights?


      -Why should our Courts be swamped with claims regarding this matter in Rome, Syracuse, Agrigento, Bologna, Venezia, Ancona, Napoli, Campobasso, Brescia, Salerno, Cagliari, Reggio Calabria, L’Aquila, who all confirm the illegality of this reduction of Special Needs Teachers?


      -To site an example – Why hasn’t the second grade class in Bianco, Reggio Calabria been divided into two classes when four out of the 23 students are disabled (by law this should have been done)?



      Perhaps to save money on the backs of our disabled students and to make the state budget look better?



      Honourable Ministers


      It is already difficult with the daily problems these families face with disabled children. To add having to deal with and fight with the State Agencies is an ethical issue that must be resolved.


      Denying the right to a good education to disabled students provokes a sense of solitude and  of living apart from the rest of society for these families.


      The Union for the academic year 2006/2007 is organizing a legal support group for these families.

      SFIDA wants to be a social-type union progressive rather than a conflicting one, for now we ask only :


      a)      Your direct intervention so that for the 2006/2007 academic year special need students will be assigned the hours of support requested by the school heads.

      b)      A round table to guarantee the right to proper education for Italian Disabled Students



                                                                                              The National Italian Secretary,

                                                                                                   Doctor Andrea Ricciardi

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