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1641File - Guide lines for posting

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  • disabilitystudies@yahoogroups.com
    Feb 1, 2010
      An apology if you have read this before . . . .

      1. Please do not send HTML, rich text, or stylized email, or messages in "quoted-printable" format. Not all email programs of list members will recognize such formats and they make for files much larger than the minimum. Send messages in ASCII.

      2. Don't over-quote. Include only the specific information you're responding to, and chop out the rest. Check it before sending. You may be able to alter your Email settings to disable automatic quoting of message you reply to.

      3. Be courteous to other list members. If you disagree with them, fine, just don't resort to personal insults.

      4. Use common sense when posting. Be aware that you always have two options: responding through the list or to a member personally. The content of your message should determine which of these you choose.

      5. Respect other people's opinions. If you disagree, do it politely.

      6. Do not blatantly promote yourself or otherwise spam the list. Self-promotion should be kept to a brief signature file at the end of your posts. Signature files shouldn't exceed 5-6 lines.

      7. Attachments will be removed automatically by Egroups at members' requests. However there is a large shared file archive available for posting pictures etc

      8. All members try and keep on-topic, or on the group business. However a certain amount of digression is permitted and - if you consult the archive - even endulged in!

      9. Enjoy the list.
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