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Diplomacy National World Cup

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  • Dennis Andersson
    För närvarande har 3 svenskar, 1 dansk och en finländare registrerat sig, men inga norrmän - än! Vi skulle kanske kunna få ihop ett skandinaviskt lag med
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 3, 2007
      För närvarande har 3 svenskar, 1 dansk och en finländare registrerat
      sig, men inga norrmän - än! Vi skulle kanske kunna få ihop ett
      skandinaviskt lag med lite hjälp från er. Så kom igen nu då!

      -- D.

      -------- Original Message --------
      Subject: Request of international tournament promotion
      Date: Thu, 31 May 2007 00:05:25 +0200
      From: Jérémie LEFRANCOIS <jeremie.lefrancois@...>
      To: webmaster@...

      Please follow up this information to appropriat eplaces and/or people so
      that there are as good as possible teams for all Scandinavia countries.
      Do ask me if more information needed.

      Come and join the Diplomacy National World Cup Tournament

      The tournament will start September 2007, first game to finish by May
      2008, second game from September 2008 to May 2009.
      This is a regular (with negotiations) Diplomacy tournament played by
      emails / internal mailbox communication system with turns every 7-10 days.

      ==============TOURNAMENT PRESENTATION===================================

      In most sports, the highest form of competitive play is the
      International, the Test Match, the World Cup, in which national teams
      compete to see which nation is the best in the world at their chosen
      sport. These events are often epic encounters which stir the best, and
      sometimes the worst emotions.

      In Diplomacy there are tournaments, both face to face, and via the
      Internet in which players from many nations compete. There have been
      tournaments in which players are geographically chosen. However, there
      is no truly national team competition akin to a World Cup. There is no
      tournament in which, for example, France, England, America, Brazil,
      Sweden, Australia and Italy compete against each other for the honour of
      being called the best nation in the world.

      The World Cup of soccer, rugby or cricket is played in the real world,
      but at great expense. The chief advantage of the Internet is that events
      can be staged at little or no expense, and can potentially involve large
      numbers of competitors from across the globe. Since Diplomacy is a game,
      some would argue a sport, which can easily be played over the Internet,
      it seems strange that no World Cup of Diplomacy has ever been attempted

      At the end of 2005 a discussion started on DipWorld as to whether such
      a tournament was a good idea. Opinion was somewhat divided and the idea
      failed to catch on. This discussion was staged on a few other forums as
      well, with the general opinion seeming to be that such an idea was
      worthy but difficult, even foolhardy to achieve.

      Consequently the discussion was taken to a separate forum at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DiplomacyWorldCup. This forum met to
      discuss and amend the World Cup Charter which was published on
      www.embassysa.co.za/worldcup/worldcup.php. For the better half of 2006
      there was a heated debate on the many issues raised by this Charter such
      as how on earth to select a Team America, or how nationality might be
      determined, what scoring system would be best, and what interface would
      best suit a competition of this nature.

      The Charter called for the election of a World Cup Council (WCC) to
      select a bid from any host, which would determine all these issues.
      Towards the end of 2006 a WCC was elected, more or less democratically,
      and a call for bids went out.

      The chosen bid was from French hosts Stabberfou
      (http://www.stabbeurfou.org/). The bid is exciting for many reasons, not
      least because it is a new interface which attempts to be multilingual,
      and because it involves innovative uses of the Internet to host an event
      of this scale, which potentially could bring together the best players
      in the world to contest the greatest show on earth.

      This tournament will not only prove an exciting addition to the
      Diplomacy calendar, but also see the launch internationally of a very
      exciting new interface.

      ==============TOURNAMENT REGISTRATION PROCEDURE=========================

      1) Go on the site :

      2) Register on the site :
      VERY IMPORTANT => Make sure you select Diplomacy_National_World_Cup as
      tournament so that the organizers may spot you!
      RELEVANT => Fill in "additional information" field text to help team
      creation process.

      3) Register to the list
      (to stay informed of the recruitment progress)

      4) To *read* the latest news from the DNWC preparation :
      (pink window, upper right hand side)

      5) To see the list of people registered on the site for the DNWC event :

      ==================TOURNAMENT DETAILS=================================

      ** Overall

      (a) The tournament is staged over two rounds.
      (b) The team incorporating the best results on the second round will
      receive the team trophy.
      (c) The committee (ultimate recourse in the event of litigation) will
      be staffed by people not involved in any of the teams .

      ** Parameters of the tournament:

      OFFICIAL MAP = Hasbro international

      LAST DIPLOMATIC YEAR PLAYED = No game will go beyond the diplomatic
      year 9 in round 1 and round 2.

      SCORING SYSTEM = The scoring obeys the system "C-Diplo Namur with
      whole and worsened calculation", namely:
      · For an outright victory (i.e. 18 centres or more):
      O 73 points for the winner,
      O -15 point for the others,
      · For a different ending:
      O 1 point of participation for each player,
      O 1 point for each owned centre,
      O 38 points for the first player (or to divide between the tied
      first players),
      O 14 points for the second player (or to divide between the tied
      second players),
      O 7 points for the third player (or to divide between the tied third
      O After this calculation, survival bonuses ("Namur") are allotted.
      1 center : 4 pts; 2 ; 7; 3 : 9; 4 : 11; >=5 : 13

      (Civil Disorder) =
      One will use the number of NMR averaged of the team and the player
      instead of the number of NMR of the player himself, established the
      following way:Nanp = ((5 * nnp) + nnt)/12
      Where :
      · nanp = number of averaged NMR of the player;
      · nnp = number of NMR of the player;
      · nnt = a number of NMR of the team

      RESTRICTIONS ON CROSS-GAMING = No negotiations on a game by players
      external to this game

      TIE BREAKERS FOR TEAM TITLE = In the event of equality between teams,
      one decides according to following criteria's:
      1. Biggest number of victories (excluding shared victories),
      2. Biggest number of survivals,
      3. Smallest sum of centres on all game (the team wins which has the
      less in order to award points of position and survival)
      4. If there is still several ties, the victory is shared between the teams.

      *** Round advancement ans assignment

      (a) Round one will have at least 14 boards; round two will have exactly
      7 boards.
      (b) The 7 best teams from round one will advance to round two.
      (c) Countries are also assigned by teams themselves on both rounds
      (d) No two players at same board on different rounds (if possible)

      =============PROCESS OF TEAM CREATION==========================

      Since this is a national based event, the team creation will be
      performed at the tournament level, as explained here after.
      (a) Volunteers for participation to the Diplomacy World Cup tournament
      will first register individually.
      A volunteer is encouraged to express several nationalities according to :
      · Passport,
      · place of birth,
      · place of residency,
      · nationality of parent.
      All information useful to determine nation lists in which the player may
      be affected must be provided, as well as :
      · (name, family name, e-mail address),
      · language(s) spoken,
      · place of residence.
      The organizer will group the participants into lists according to
      (b) When the deadline for registration approaches:
      o Lists may be disjoined by organizer:
      That may be according to language, for instance:
      · Spanish list may be split into Catalan and Castilian
      speaking teams;
      · Belgium list may be split into French and Flemish speaking
      That may be according to regions, for instance:
      · British list may be split into Welsh, Scottish,
      Northern-Irish and English teams.
      That may be according to time zones, for instance :
      · American and Canadian lists may be split into PST (west
      coast), CST, MST, EST (east coast).
      o Lists may be merged by organizer :
      That may be according to region (two lists of countries from the same
      continent), for instance:
      · Argentinean and Brazilian lists may merge.
      That may be according to language (two lists of countries with the same
      one), for instance:
      · Portuguese and Brazilian lists may merge.
      (c) When the deadline is reached, players within a same list will elect
      their captain.
      That will preferably be the best ranked player in national face to face
      Then the captain will designate :
      o the seven official players,
      o the substitute players,
      o the lieutenant (assistant captain),
      o the representative of the team to the committee.
      The captain may not bring in the team more than two players from outside
      the original list.
      Lastly, the captain will organize the diplomacy countries allocation and
      register the whole team.
    • Simen Fure Jørgensen
      Hei, nå kan jeg endelig annonsere NM i Diplomacy 2007! Turneringen blir fra 23. til 25. november i Bydelshuset St. Hanshaugen. Bortsett fra at vi i år har
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 15, 2007

        nå kan jeg endelig annonsere NM i Diplomacy 2007! Turneringen blir fra 23.
        til 25. november i Bydelshuset St. Hanshaugen. Bortsett fra at vi i år har
        flyttet vekk fra Arcon, foregår turneringen i kjent og kjær stil.

        Meld deg på på denne siden: http://diplomacy.meetup.com/29/

        Vel møtt!

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