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18828Clever Logo Parodies Of Famous Brands

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  • Deepak Punjabi
    Dec 3, 2013
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      Clever Logo Parodies Of Famous Brands

      By Alvaris FalconFiled in Inspiration
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      This is a crazy world we live in; we seek fun by screwing up things we see in our everyday lives, and this natural instinct serves the primary purpose for some creativists to twist professional andfamous brand logos into something that are insanely funny, for sure.
      Today you are guaranteed to have a good time from these 30 parodies of widely recognized brand logos such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, FedEx, and even World Wildlife Foundation! These logo parodies have 2 similarities in general, they are inspiring, and they try their best to make you laugh!
      KFC – McDonald’s Fried Chicken. It seems that Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders have just ended their final fight, similar to this, but apparently Ronald had the final victory. (Image Source:LordDavid04)
      kfc - mcdonalds fried chicken
      KFC – Kenpachi Fried Chicken. If you want to open a fake KFC restaurant in China, this is the best, coolest logo design for you. I personally feel that the Kakashi Fried Chicken’s logo will attract a lot of customers too, or a lot of Instagram photographers. Enjoy infringing 2 copyrights at once then!(Image Source: frontsideair)
      kfc - kenpachi fried chicken
      McDonald’s – McDiabetes. The logo says it all! (Image Source: Viktor Hertz)
      mcdonalds - mcdiabetes
      Burger King – Murder King. Probably the best logo to educate us that burgers are bad for our health! But I don’t think the artist twisted it for educational purposes, hmm. (Image Source: INSPIRE ONE)
      burger king - murder king
      Burger King – Tomato King. So if a burger is harmful to us, maybe we could try other healthier alternatives like… tomatoes? (Image Source: greateronion)
      burger king - tomato king
      Snickers – Suckers. This logo could possibly create more buzz than the original one, especially when it’s featured on TV ads. (Image Source: OvejaNegra77)
      snickers - suckers
      Pepsi. Too much Pepsi could cause potential harm to our health, but only a genius could come up with this creative twist of the Pepsi logo! (Image Source: Lawrence Yang)
      Starbucks Coffee – Star Wars Coffee. The coffee is strong in this one. If this one is too nerdy for you, check out the Starducks Coffee(Image Source: rubyred)
      starbucks coffee - star wars coffee
      Nescafe – Nocoffee. Agree or not, we all have the answer in our mind! (Image Source: arama alisa)
      nescafe - nocoffee
      Facebook – Procrastination. And I’m one of the innocent victims, too. (Image Source: Viktor Hertz)
      facebook - procrastination
      Facebook – Stalker. I have to admit that Facebook is the best place to stalk any person… well, so far it’s my best choice! (Image Source: arama alisa)
      facebook - stalker
      Myspace – Noplace. Sad truth, but so true. (Image Source: Viktor Hertz)
      myspace - noplace
      YouTube – YouSuck. There’s always a certain part in YouTube, where you shout this phrase to a certain video… no, I’m not thinking about a certain music video! (Image Source: Urbinator17)
      youtube - yousuck
      Amazon.com – moneyzgone.com. Clever twist by just reversing the smiley illustration! Too bad that most Amazon products can’t be shipped to my country, so my money goes to eBay instead.(Image Source: Anna Podoleanu)
      amazon.com - moneyzgone.com
      Windows 8. Every hardcore Windows user like me will know the message hidden in this brilliant logo! A salute to the creator, we all share the same pain. (Image Source: Tech Crunch)
      windows 8
      IE6 – Idiot Explorer 6. Doubtless to say, web designers will agree. (Image Source: Tudorache Ion-Dragos)
      ie6 - idiot explorer 6
      Dell – Hell. You could even use this as your wallpaper, if you are not a Dell’s fan! (Image Source:preeemo)
      dell - hell
      HP – Harry Potter. I’ve always wondered what HP stands for, until I saw this logo! P.S. It’s Hewlett-Packard. (Image Source: Different Thinker)
      hp - harry potter
      LG. Life’s good or life’s tough? Only the LG user knows! (Image Source: Business Pundit)
      Puma – Coma. I almost had a coma from laughing, when I first saw this logo. (Image Source: Kali-Yugadi)
      puma - coma
      Levi’s – Elvi’s. Perhaps Levi’s could make more sales by change their brand name to this clever piece! (Image Source: Urbinator17)
      levi's - elvi's
      Playboy – PlayPokémon. So much cuteness in this sexy logo! (Image Source: Loncea Roxana)
      playboy - playpokemon
      American Idol – American Idiot. I might stand a chance to be the champion if I join this show! Alas, I’m not American. (Image Source: Urbinator17)
      american idol - american idiot
      NBA – MBA. To attend work for 8 straight hours a day for several years is certainly a glorious record to your life, so be proud that you are one of the MBA champions… why are there tears flowing down my eyes? (Image Source: ChidoWear)
      nba - mba
      UPS – OOPS. For all the lost packages and the receivers who mourn their loss. Great impact(Image Source: OvejaNegra77)
      ups - oops
      FedEx – FatEx. You better don’t let this image appear in any of your device if you are trying to recover your relationship with your ex! Smart mod from the original name, though! (Image Source:lulia)
      fedex - fatex
      Shell – Hell. This parody proves that no matter how boring the icon is, a creativist will always have an idea to make it fun. (Image Source: Urbinator17)
      shell - hell
      300 – LOL. It’s hard to skip this one, especially since the artist had used his mad skills tophotoshop this logo into oblivion! (Image Source: Thundordan)
      300 - lol
      Jurassic Park – Yoshi’s Island. Prepare yourself to be invaded by massive clones of… cute Yoshi dinosaurs. Gotta catch ‘em all! (Image Source: MichaelMayne)
      jurassic park - yoshi's island
      World Wildlife Foundation – WWF. The question of the century, now answered! Wildlife vs Wrestling? Just mash it together and voila! You could even buy a t-shirt with this logo on it if you follow the source link. (Image Source: DieHard Threads)
      world wildlife foundation - wwf


      These logos are surely funny, but they can’t be achieved without awesome skill, creativity and determination. That being said, a salute to all designers who came up with these amusing logos that make our day, we owe you so much fun!