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Latest Beta is 06B September 2013

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  • paulyoung004
    Latest Beta is 06B September 2013 HYBRID TX in the Action menu adds a new concept to EasyPal. The World is changing and Amateur Radio must also change for
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      Latest Beta is 06B September 2013
      "HYBRID TX" in the "Action" menu adds a new concept to EasyPal.
      The World is changing and Amateur Radio must also change for it to survive.
      The younger generation are possessed with Ipads Ipods Smart Phones etc.
      Adding Internet capabilities may attract more members.
      1. When "HYBRID TX" is ticked, select a file and when "Transmit" is clicked, this file is uploaded to a website on the internet.
      2. EasyPal will then transmit the retrival code to RX stations.
      3. On recieving this, EasyPal will download this file and display or give the user choices if the file is not a picture file.
      4. Non "HYBRID TX" files will be automatically recognised and work as before.
      5. "HYBRID TX" files are not compressed as very large files may be sent. Resolution of the RX picture is exact.
         Load pictures with "LoadPic" or any type file with "LoadAny".
      6. On clicking "Transmit", a red info box will appear informing of the upload. When upload is complete, EasyPal will display a
         dialog box asking the user to COMMENCE TRANSMITTING or CANCEL.
      7. As usual, upload speed is much slower than download speed.
      8. When using "HYBRID TX", it is suggested to use mode "E" and QAM "4", this will give best results in poor conditions. Also Leadin to "12".
         The EasyPal TX file is so small that there is almost no difference in send time with any mode.
      9. "EmbedTxt", TX Popup Menu and "Replay RX" have been disabled when "HYBRID TX" is in use.
         If you wish to replay the RX picture, copy it and then paste it to the TX screen. Use the EasyPal copy/paste in the top menu.
      The website in use has limited capabilities, so there may be failures with too many accesses at the same time.
      Socket failures etc may occur.
      This is a proof of concept beta, so it will be interesting to see the results with many users.
      A better server may be required to make the system acceptable.
      There are many programs for file exchange, but usually only between two users.
      EasyPal will allow any number of users to take advantage of "HYBRID TX" at the same time.
      The system is a mix of AR and the internet.
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      Paul G0HWC
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