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Re: [digsstv] Fifteen meter EasyPal freq

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  • ke4lkq
    Gary, well said and good points. I ll be checking there also when I can get on. I never get on 14.233 for just those reasons. Vic k4xtt
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 24, 2013
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      Gary, well said and good points.  I'll be checking there also when I can get on.  I never get on 14.233 for just those reasons.
      Vic  k4xtt

      On 3/21/2013 10:16 AM, gary.k7ek@... wrote:

      In an effort to get away from the insanity experienced daily on 14233, I'm moving to 21343 khz during daytime hours, and 3813 khz at night. I suggest an alternate of 21337 if 21343 is busy (avoiding the analog SSTV freq of 21340).  Lately I noticed that domestic and DX stations are being heard very well on fifteen meters. Recent pictures exchanged with JA2GZZ and N0PAO bear this out. I feel that we should move to higher bands during daylight hours as they are improving. Having everyone on 14233 at the same time causes nothing but problems. There isn't a day that goes by without an altercation of one kind or another. There's no rule or regulation that mandates us to stay on 14233. Please join me in the effort to spread out to other frequencies/bands . We have everything to gain.  If you don't have DigiSites, please check my EasyPal cam at http://www.k7ek.net:8080 to find out what frequency I am on.  Also, I suggest using G0HWC's EasyPal/SSTV chat page to exchange real-time information:  http://www.g0hwc/chat.html. I solicit constructive comments and suggestions. Thanks for reading.

      Best regards,

      Gary, K7EK

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