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3959RE: [digsstv] Re: New Easypal 28th Jan 2012

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  • D R Mynatt
    Feb 2, 2012
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      Hi Erik-

      I get the two markers, and I cannot find any 'effects' for the sound cards
      anywhere so I assume it doesn't have any. My signals are not outside the
      two side boundary markers but they appear a few ticks off the frequency
      markets, typically a bit higher. I have to fuss around with the RIT to get
      it to decode all the way.

      It is volume sensitive for sure, and in my case the least amount of volume
      -either at the radio or the sound card adjustment- is critical. So I keep it
      almost imperceptible to hear. I don't see any vertical lines in any of the
      received images so far.

      I will try the Tuning wav file to see what I get.

      I appreciate your time. If you are the coder, then let me say this is a
      very beautiful piece of coding work.


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      Hi Dave,

      Just check "sound effects" have been turned off on the soundcard.

      EasyPal is very forgiving with off tuning.
      When receiving, two vertical lines can be seen on either side of the green
      tuning marks, and towards the edges.

      The signal should be almost exactly between these lines.
      These lines show the capture area for decoding. If some of the carriers are
      outside these lines, then the more gives more errors.
      200 to 300 mistuning should be no problem in reasonable conditions. This
      means the tuning lines are way off the green marks and a lock on is still
      The audio levels are also very forgiving.

      If full lock on is still difficult then it indicates distortion either at
      the TX or the RX end or both.

      By the way regarding the low level for the tune function.
      Most of the wav files in the /programwavfiles/ folder are reduced in
      amplitude. This was to safeguard some linears which got quite a jolt if the
      volume was too high. I set these on the light side.
      However, if the user makes a wav file, the user may choose the volume level
      to be best for his system.

      The tuning wav file is in the /programwavfiles/ folder and called
      "tune.wav". A user may replace or change this to a different level if
      desired as with all the others.

      But to be useful, the level has been set low.
      Any distortion will show as vertical line images on the display.
      The distortion can be caused by the TX or at the RX end.
      If the RX end is perfect, then multiple lines on the display suggests TX
      distortion. Setting this file to a low level helps in this regard as Joanne

      Erik VK4AES

      --- In digsstv@yahoogroups.com, "D R Mynatt" <dave@...> wrote:
      > All I can say is that this is VERY sensitive to frequency drift and
      > seems to work (reliably) only when spot-on frequency. It is not a very
      > forgiving system. Wish there was a way the software could adjust for
      > up to 200-300Hz off freq...
      > Dave
      > KA0SWT
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      > >
      > > Might it be setup for tune at full power and Tx at the proper power
      > > such that peaks are not clipped? If so this is a very wise change on
      > Erik's part.
      > >
      > > {^_^} Joanne, W6MKU
      > You might be right OM, Perhaps Erik can tell us?
      > 73 de Demetre SV1UY
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