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3957RE: [digsstv] Re: New Easypal 28th Jan 2012

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  • D R Mynatt
    Feb 2, 2012
      All I can say is that this is VERY sensitive to frequency drift and seems to
      work (reliably) only when spot-on frequency. It is not a very forgiving
      system. Wish there was a way the software could adjust for up to 200-300Hz
      off freq...


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      --- In digsstv@yahoogroups.com, jdow <jdow@...> wrote:
      > Might it be setup for tune at full power and Tx at the proper power
      > such that peaks are not clipped? If so this is a very wise change on
      Erik's part.
      > {^_^} Joanne, W6MKU

      You might be right OM, Perhaps Erik can tell us?

      73 de Demetre SV1UY


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