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3527Re: Latest EasyPal 27/October/ 2010

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  • eriksradio
    Nov 12, 2010
      Thanks Sigi,

      I believe the file has been cleared by several Anti-Vir scanners after sending the file for their analysis.
      However, as the file concerned was giving several false positive, I made a small change to reduce the existing reports before I received the all clear.
      Unfortunately the cleared file is now slightly different and may attract a new false positives from the same scanners.
      I expect these reports will reduce as the scanners get their fingers out with new updates.

      These problems will only get worse.
      Perhaps one solution is to get a scanner which has less false positives and a high detection rate.

      There are a few about.

      It is a pity if I have to reinvent the wheel and spend endless hours developing a new system intergrated directly in Delphi. I may do this; but just for fun.

      Down with the "professional scanner alarmists" and up with "happy hours" and your wonderful beers.


      > Hello erik
      > Okay again the user ist he beta tester … not of your soft but of the av
      > software
      > The problem is not the c32 it is the false alarm by av programs … so I think
      > the av programmers have to do the work
      > Not reprogram c32 … just send that to the av programmers to exclude that
      > from fbe a false positive ….
      > If you find someone that has the time and knowledge to reinvent a running
      > wheel … okay on that …. Otherwise we have just to live with it I think
      > Greetz
      > Sigi
      > Dg9bfc
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