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2491Re: [digsstv] Easypal and Hamdrm.dll

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  • jdow
    May 1 4:48 PM
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      From: "Ken Koval" <kakoval@...>
      Sent: Thursday, 2008, May 01 07:54

      > David Myers wrote:
      >> Hi all,
      >> Have just upgraded a friends computer from Windows ME to XP. Have
      >> installed Easypal 28 April 2008 but will not run. Says it needs
      >> Library file *hamdrm.dll* but I have it installed in the easypal
      >> directory as well as in the Windows directoey in several places. I
      >> have even tried differnt versions of *hamdrm* and also earlier
      >> versions of Easypal. Still no go.
      >> I have it running on my own computers (XP and Vista Ultimate) with no
      >> problems at all. (My Vista computer does not have hamdrm.dll installed
      >> at all).
      >> Any ideas?
      >> Dave VK2RD / VE3DFK
      >> 30MDG # 39
      >> DMC # 775
      >> Forget the Internet. Come and talk to real people.
      >> Welcome to the world of Amateur Radio
      > David -
      > I have had the exact same problem running EasyPal but on Windows 2000.
      > After considerable experimenting I found a work around that enables me
      > to run the program. When EasyPal tries to run but fails, I have found
      > that it creates several new dll's in the main directory. I have found
      > that if I delete msvcrt.dll from the main directory and then run the
      > Deep Memory Clean tool contained within Advanced Windows Care Personal
      > (Free), EasyPal will now load and run perfectly. I am not a computer
      > expert and cannot explain why this technique works. All I know is that
      > it works on my computer. I hope this helps. Let us know how you
      > resolve your problem.
      > Ken, K9PGC

      "The main directory"? EasyPal's or system32? You do not want to delete it
      from System32 "fer shure".

      {^_^} Joanne W6MKU
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