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Professional Imaging and Conversion Services in New York

While browsing on the Internet for professional imaging and conversion experts in New York? I had visited http://www.drsimaging.com/
Feb 28

Brother 6510

My Epson GT15000 has been giving me yeoman service over many years, but is now showing signs of misbehaving. Perceiving time to move on, I acquired a
Terry Smythe
Sep 26, 2012

Re: Old German or Norwegian text?

Hi! I should like to suggest that you contact Bob Cody, because he has written several very interesting emails to me about this OCR problem. There is a
Nick Hodson
Jun 26, 2012

Old German or Norwegian text?

Hey List, Has anyone OCR'ed Old German or Norwegian text? I think the font used is called Fraktur. Any insight welcome. Jill
Jun 26, 2012

Re: Google Books

On 6/13/2012 2:19 AM,"Lars Aronsson" lars@... lars_aronsson ... Thank you, appreciated. Suspicions confirmed. There isn't even a forum out there
Terry Smythe
Jun 23, 2012

Re: Music Trades

... All experience says that Google doesn't communicate. You can just as well consider Google Books non-existing, and start to scan the same journals on your
Lars Aronsson
Jun 12, 2012

Re: Music Trades

Hi Terry, Contact the archivist, Tony Arambarri at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) tonya@..., 760-438-8007, ext. 218. or NAMM historian Dan
Reilly, Felicia
Jun 8, 2012

Re: Music Trades

WorldCat lists 153 institutions that hold a journal by that title: http://www.worldcat.org/title/music-trades/oclc/1640823&referer=brief_results Some
John McChesney-Young
Jun 8, 2012

Re: Music Trades

Terry: I have been a musician for 50 years and have found that the Julliard School of Music is a good source of historic information. Allen Kleiman From:
Jun 8, 2012

Music Trades

Within my association (Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors' Association) [www.amica.org], I maintain a significant on-line research library. A
Terry Smythe
Jun 7, 2012

Re: FineReader 11, etc

John I have the page numbers of each page in the version I use for editing. There are over 80 tests on the whole book, as well as a process that produces
Nick Hodson
Jun 1, 2012


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Jun 1, 2012

Information seminar mobileDM

Mobile Document Management (http://www.documentalistas.org/english/events/mobileDM) is a seminar for information professionals working, or want to work, in
Jun 1, 2012

Input Please. Really. Any ideas?: Metadata retooling.

*Please give us your thoughts at *http://lamsmetadata.blogspot.com/*. * At the *Digital Library Federation Forum* coming up in Baltimore, there will be a
Suzanne Pilsk
Jun 1, 2012

Re: FineReader 11, etc

Hi Nick The accuracy is good with FR11 but the problems with HTML output for TEI are actually worse than with FR10 and I have to use various workarounds with
John Laurie
Jun 1, 2012
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