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1109From Budapest to Bristol, moving home into a new life

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  • Tony Gosling
    May 17, 2017
      From Budapest to Bristol, moving home into a new life
      Series: Bristol Broadband Co-operative
      Subtitle: Freemasons have to swear bloodcurdling oaths as they are initiated
      Program Type: Weekly Program
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      This week we hear from Shell Coe whose film production company Keo Films has just won a 2016 BAFTA documentary award for Exodus, filming with Mediterranean refugees and asylum seekers. She's making a film over the coming months about 'Poverty Wages' and appealing for anyone in the Bristol area who's struggling to survive on no, or low pay, to get in touch, she's on 07465 733735 or email shell.coe@...

      Arabella Wynne-Hughes has just arrived to live in Bristol from Budapest, Hungary where she's spent most of her live despite having a British father. She describes growing up after the fall of the Berlin Wall in a country reluctant to change from its Eastern Bloc socialist roots in which corruption has become embedded. Arabella's travelled widely including to remote Amazon rainforest villages as well as round the Mediterranean and to Israel.

      Former Freemason and retired army officer Ian Mattison joins us for a final round-up review of the Sky TV series 'Inside the Freemasons' where he expresses dismay about the lack of balance in the films. Complementing his first review, two weeks ago, Ian looks at the pressure which is put on Masons to stay in the craft even though when they are initiated they really don't know what sort of organisation they're getting themselves into. Freemasons have to swear bloodcurdling oaths as they are initiated up through the incremental degrees of the craft and with those oaths come obligations."The obligation is to have your life terminated in several ways depending on which degree you're in". We also hear about a BBC South TV programme on Freemasonry which was inexplicably cancelled after the producer was threatened, presumably by a BBC manager or managers.
      Inside The Brotherhood (1989) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dyl3RQXsqGQ
      Inside The Freemasons (2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qBrMRpSAW0


      So much emphasis is placed on select Jewish participation in Bormann companies that when Adolf Eichmann was seized and taken to Tel Aviv to stand trial, it produced a shock wave in the Jewish and German communities of Buenos Aires. Jewish leaders informed the Israeli authorities in no uncertain terms that this must never happen again because a repetition would permanently rupture relations with the Germans of Latin America, as well as with the Bormann organization, and cut off the flow of Jewish money to Israel. It never happened again, and the pursuit of Bormann quieted down at the request of these Jewish leaders. He is residing in an Argentinian safe haven, protected by the most efficient German infrastructure in history as well as by all those whose prosperity depends on his well-being.