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1107Special: review of 'Inside The Freemasons', Sky TV series April/May 2017

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  • Tony Gosling
    May 3, 2017
      Special: review of 'Inside The Freemasons', Sky TV series April/May 2017
      Series: Bristol Broadband Co-operative
      Subtitle: Former Freemason Ian Mattison reviews Sky1 series 'examining' the Masons
      Program Type: Weekly Program
      Featured Speakers/Commentators:
      Contributor: Bristol Broadband Co-operative  [ Contact Contributor]
      Broadcast Restrictions: For non-profit use only.
      License: Attribution No Derivatives (by-nd) []
      Broadcast Advisory: No Advisories - program content screened and verified.


      Former Freemason Ian Mattison joins us for a special programme today looking at a series airing on Sky TV this month called 'Inside The Freemasons'. This is a critical review because the series is advertised as a genuine attempt to probe the secrets of the Masons but, according to Ian, does nothing of the sort. Much of the information presented is not genuine, showing, for exampe, a fast progression for new members through the craft which is a deceprion and seems designed to give false hopes to new members of how quickly they may be able to progress through the 'degrees' of initiation. These initiation rites, too, are 'censored' with the most frightening parts not shown in the series, presumably because Sky viewers may think twice about being subjected to those initiation rites which include repeated threats of death of the candidate and his voluntary submission, or agreement his being murdered. All-in-all The Craft is whitewashed an far from being an investigation into Freemasonry, it is a crude advertisement for the Masonic brotherhood.


      So much emphasis is placed on select Jewish participation in Bormann companies that when Adolf Eichmann was seized and taken to Tel Aviv to stand trial, it produced a shock wave in the Jewish and German communities of Buenos Aires. Jewish leaders informed the Israeli authorities in no uncertain terms that this must never happen again because a repetition would permanently rupture relations with the Germans of Latin America, as well as with the Bormann organization, and cut off the flow of Jewish money to Israel. It never happened again, and the pursuit of Bormann quieted down at the request of these Jewish leaders. He is residing in an Argentinian safe haven, protected by the most efficient German infrastructure in history as well as by all those whose prosperity depends on his well-being.