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  • emtlock
    Greetings to all:  We are approaching just 24 days from the MAGIC convention. If you are still thinking about attending, you still have time to get a good
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2003
      Greetings to all: 

      We are approaching just 24 days from the MAGIC convention. If you
      are still thinking about attending, you still have time to get a good
      airfare and join us. I have been informed as of Monday we are
      looking for 2nd hotel site, as we are about to fill up the Marriott
      we have been using.

      It is easier to fly into O'hare, but some of the better fares right
      now are into Midway, just a short hop over to O'hare and get the bus
      to the hotel. If you have questions, just ask !

      I am not one to have boring meetings, and this year will be no
      different.  Please plan on joining us as a group each time we have a
      gethering. Your questions and concerns will be answered or none of us
      will leave until we get your answers !

      To see the entire brochure of activiteis and doctors speaking, go to
      the MAGIC WEB SITE at www.magicfoundation.org . It can be downloaded
      in PDF format.

      I sure hope you have made plans to arrive on Thursday and will take
      time to visit the exhibits.  Drop by the back of the room for our
      tables and meet us in person.  We will also have some doctors
      available to answer questions during the afternoon.  This is a time
      to ask questions you might not want to ask in a group setting.  More
      to follow.

      This year will be a little different set up as we have combined the
      Friday AM session with the SOD and AGHD to hear some talks from some
      of the leading doctors in our field of interest.  Friday afternoon
      will continue with short lectures on various hormones and their
      functions with this disorder, breakout groups for discussions and
      plenty of time for questions and answers from our panel of PAN/TUMOR
      faculity members.  During the lunch hour we will have a short
      demonstration of emergency procedures for Solu-Cortef, kinds of
      equipment we all carry and what we do for emergencies.  Bring you
      lunches back to the room and join us !  Friday afternoon session will
      conclude with an excellent discussion of the hypothelmus and related

      Friday night will be a special dinner for adults with the PAN
      disorder, if you didn't sign up for the dinner, call the office at 1-

      Saturday afternoon will bring a new session to the convention this
      year for our group will be having 2 break out sessions from 1pm to
      3pm.  You will also have a choice of a pool party, but you might want
      to plan on attending these sessions.  You asked for them in the past
      and now we have them ! thanks to MAGIC !!

      The first session is for Acquired PanPit conditions and will deal
      with topics of post surgical complications and starting hormone
      replacements.  This group is for adults and children and will be led
      by Dr. Malcomb Schwartz of New Jersey and MAGIC's Jonas Bilenas.

      The second session running concurrently is for congential disorder
      discussions. This group is being led by myself and Linda Burkett, RN,
      Endocrine case Manager from Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

      I look forward to my 4th convention with this group !  I welcome you
      and your families and hope we all have a GREAT time in Chicago!

      KIM, father to Elena, age 8 c-pan

      for those on multiple GH lists, I apolize for any duplications, but
      it seems we are all looking for all the information we can
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