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Re: I am so darn frustrated!!!!

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  • kenyahamlin
    I have the same time frame for my pills, but I take 3 per day, one every 8 hrs. You should be able to take the dose that is right for you--if your doc won t
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 1, 2002
      I have the same time frame for my pills, but I take 3 per day, one
      every 8 hrs. You should be able to take the dose that is right for
      you--if your doc won't give you a prescription for 3 pills per day,
      well...I know it's easier said than done but you should look around
      for a new doctor--and keep looking until you find one who will not
      blow you off. You should also be able to get refills--your disease
      is *not* going away so it is just plain stupid to not get a year-long
      prescription!! I have had the same problem on occasion with the
      pills not kicking in, and I have to take another one. If I take them
      with food it lessens the effect, and I also think that sometimes
      citrus juices lessen the effect for me. I love orange juice and will
      guzzle it if my pill has worn off and I am very thirsty--I've not
      done any real 'study' but it seems like when my pill doesn't kick in
      it's when I've just drank (drunk?) lots of oj, or even just lots of

      I feel lucky, I have a good general physician who writes me a
      prescription for 4 pills per day (bec. I've told him that while most
      days I need 3, somedays I need 4--and thankfully he has listened) and
      he gives me a year-long scrip. If you live in the Atlanta area I can
      give you his name! He's not an endocrinologist, but my DI is under
      control and there are no complications so I'm fine going just to him.

      Please feel free to vent here anytime--we all know where you are
      coming from. And don't give up fighting for what you need. I've
      learned one thing from my experience with DI--you cannot count on
      your doctors to figure things out. You have to be your own
      advocate. I do have some sympathy for doctors--they are stretched to
      the bone, expected to see a patient every 15 minutes, etc. But
      because of this you have to go in there armed with knowledge and be
      strong and insistent. Another thing you can do is put things in
      writing. Prior to an office visit, write a letter to your doctor
      detailing your problems and what you need him/her to do to solve
      them. It might help. I did this before my first visit with an
      endocrinologist. My primary physician at the time mucked around and
      couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I figured it out after
      30 min of searching on the Web. So I wrote to the endo my doc had
      referred me to, described my symptoms in detail, told her what I
      believed my condition was, and thus she did not waste any time
      looking for other causes for my symptoms. She had me do the urine-
      collection thing (god what a nightmare) before my first office visit
      so we got that out of the way immediately. That endo told me that
      she knew when she got my letter that I was no ordinary patient. I
      took it as a compliment.

      Hang in there! --Jen

      --- In diabetesinsipidus@y..., "Matthew Fontenot"
      <mattfon_n_vegas_02@h...> wrote:
      > I have been on the DDAVP pills for a while now, I take 2 pills
      > everyday (can't remember the dosage right now). The problem is that
      > they don't last very long. I'm lucky if I get 8 - 10 hours, 12
      > is absolutely unheard of. I've even had times where I have taken my
      > pill and it never seemed to "kick in". This also happened when I
      > using the nasal spray, although I don't quite remember much about
      > the "tube". Maybe it's the fact that I have been on DDAVP since I
      > 2 (for a grand total of 23 years) and I have been on the exact same
      > dosage since that time. Whenever I bring up the issue to any of my
      > doctors they have just blown me off. I sure do have a genius of a
      > now, the guy will not give me any refills for DDAVP, I have to call
      > his office every single month. The worst part is that it's like
      > pulling teeth every single freakin' time!! I'm sorry I don't mean
      > blow up on all of you, I'm just so darn frustrated.
      > Your friend,
      > Matt :-D
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