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CNS Diabetes News In Spotlight: 17-23 May 2010

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    To read the Issue 72 of CNS Diabetes News In Spotlight , click here
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      To read the Issue 72 of CNS Diabetes News In Spotlight , click here  or go to:http://diabetes.citizen-news.org/2010/05/cns-diabetes-news-in-spotlight-17-23.html

      CNS Diabetes News In Spotlight: 17-23 May 2010

      Issue 72
      The CNS Diabetes News In Spotlight provides a weekly snapshot of five major news pieces on diabetes-care from around the world, including news highlights from diabetes high-burdened countries and links to major diabetes-related events or other advocacy opportunities. This is issue 72 (period: 17-23 May 2010).
      Top two videos on Diabetes:1. Turn Off the Diabetes Tap - Turn Media On- "1st Most Viewed Video in Non-Profit" (Honour by YouTube.com)
      2. An Exclusive Interview with Minister of Public Health Thailand

      City researchers find rifampicin shows high glycation inhibition levelsA team of researchers from the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) and National Centre for Cell Sciences (NCCS), Pune led by Dr. Mahesh J Kulkarni have found that rifampicin, an anti-tuberculosis drug, can now be used for dealing with complications related to diabetes. The study has been recently published in the second issue of the European Journal of Mass Spectroscopy.Kulkarni and his team, including Sandeep B Golegaonkar, Hemangi S Bhonsle and Ramanamurthy Boppana, have found that rifampicin shows higher glycation inhibition, a major intervention strategy in diabetic complications. Speaking to The Indian Express, Kulkarni said, "Scientists at the NCCS are now involved in the animal and clinical trial of the study. We are also working on the repositioning of various other existing drugs. But the Patent Act of India does not allow us to patent this particular property of rifampicin as the original drug has already been patented.". Read more

      "Definitely, diabetes is on the rise in rural areas and it creates new market space for domestic pharma companies having speciality in this. In Biocon, we want to expand our domestic portfolio to tap this emerging trend," Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, CMD of Biocon Ltd, said. Read more

      62% of people with diabetes in New Delhi have `uncontrolled' diabetes. Study also reveals prevalence of 'uncontrolled' lipid levels (dyslipidemia) is much higher in New Delhi at 50% compared to 18% in Maharshtra. Dr Ambrish Mithal, Chairman, Head Of Department, Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Medanta - The Medicity and Senior Consultant - Endocrinology & Diabetes, Department of Endocrinology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, says, "The comprehensive data on diabetes and hypertension collected for SITE New Delhi shows that 62% of the diabetic population were inadequately controlled inspite of treatment. What was even more alarming was that 27% of the diabetic patients screened, had kidney complications. In addition, we noticed that 65% of the diabetic patients were also hypertensive and dyslipidemia at 55% was equally high amongst both the diabetic and hypertensive populations." Read more

      (Source: Email Wire.com)
      The advent of insulin led to revolution in the treatment of diabetes, representing one of the most outstanding medicinal achievements of the twentieth century. The insulin doses are quite effective in diabetes I patients and prevalence of this form of diabetes is increasing rapidly. Recently, it was observed that the demand of insulin has increased in all over the world and this has helped the insulin manufacturers to extend their profits. According to our report on the sector called "Insulin Delivery Systems Market Analysis (2008-2012)", global insulin sales are forecasted to grow at a CAGR of around 15% during 2010-2012. Read more

      (Source: Deccan Herald)
      Lifestyle- related diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, strokes and cancer have been perceived for long to be the bane of the rich. However, hard data coming out of urban health centres reveal how these lifestyle diseases are rapidly catching up with the urban poor as well. And, what's of more concern is that there are no national programmes or preventive measures taken by the government to tackle the problem. Read more
      CNS Diabetes News In Spotlight is produced by CNS Diabetes Media Initiative, facilitated by Jay Inspire Co Ltd, Thailand

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