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exposure to glycol ether causes flu symptoms, autoimmune issues, FAT Did you also work on on of the oil spill cleanups? You have a lot of possible exposure to glycol ether then, such as 2-butoxyethanol, one of the most commonly
May 22, 2011
some doctors are catching on treatments of gamma globulin help autoimmune issues Aren't most of your issues autoimmune in some aspect? I was talking with a guest at our BnB yesterday and
Jun 8, 2010
Information ALL doctors need Information ALL doctors need 2-Butoxy Ethanol is unquestionably Health Hazardous http://www.valdezhousing.com/re/2-butoxyethanolhazardous.htm
Margaret Diann
Mar 14, 2009
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aren't glycol butyl ethers harmful? We will waste our health care dollars if we don't disclose these chemicals to housewives, and if we don't take care to AVOID them Aren't glycol butyl ethers
Margaret Diann
Mar 4, 2009
sniffles - congestion ... can mean exposure to BUTYL Can cause ANY autoimmune issue: Examples of exposure: when I talked to a city employee on Friday .... . . . & a couple of times throughout the day, it seemed
Margaret Diann
Feb 28, 2009
one of these days doctors are going to start noticing the harm of bu one of these days doctors are going to start noticing the harm of butyl or 2-butoxyethanol. The anemia is like cinderella's other slipper Find the Anemia *
Margaret Diann
Jan 24, 2009
Most Probable cause of Jett Travolta's death Most Probable cause of Jett Travolta's death The chemical exposure that would cause Kawasaki Syndrome (BUTYL or 2-butoxyethanol) is also a cause of serious
Margaret Diann
Jan 5, 2009
a cause of Horrible Headaches Why horrible headaches when there is no brain tumor? A primary cause of HORRIBLE HEADACHES, abnormal blood sugar, body temp, BP & loss of vision .... & loss of
Margaret Diann
Dec 27, 2008
Soldier just died of one of the birth defects that showed up for gul Green Beret Staff Sgt James Alford is buried with full honors 12/5/08 article James Alford
Margaret Diann
Dec 12, 2008
Not the diabetes ... the chemical that causes diabetes You already have some great responses to your question. I wish to share something most of you may have never considered. The reason diabetes is at epidemic
Margaret Diann
Nov 28, 2007
Hunter Tylo kids' health Hunter Tylo kids' health There is a teratogen chemical that can affect children of those who are strongly exposed to it (& the proof is the red blood cell
Margaret Diann
Nov 15, 2007
CFIDS - This must be THE fatigue! CFIDS - This must be THE fatigue! Many times those with this fatigue collapse from lack of blood ... or the advance fatigue of EGBE ... not a heart attack Just
Margaret Diann
Oct 7, 2007
Powerful new drugs for nausea - may harm + body temp What is your temperature? your BP? your blood sugar? Do you recall a serious flu? for you or for a parent Powerful new drugs for nausea - may harm + body
Margaret Diann
Mar 25, 2007
THE autoimmune causing chemical affects body temp THE autoimmune causing chemical and how I learned about it I think abnormal Body Temp
Margaret Diann
Feb 2, 2007
What we can learn from Hank Willimas, Sr What we can learn from Hank Willimas, Sr I found more on Hank Williams . Does anyone know what health
Margaret Diann
Jan 3, 2007
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a breakthrough? & other thoughts Diabetes breakthrough In a discovery that has stunned even those behind it, scientists at a Toronto hospital say they have proof the body's nervous system
Margaret Diann
Dec 16, 2006
Military Need Expanded Presumptive Lists Military Need Expanded Presumptive Lists For approving Medical Disability during Service to the USA to include any autoimmune issue that springs out of CFIDS
Margaret Diann
Sep 23, 2006
New mom - HELLP Syndrome; Soldier, Johnny 'new' gulf war syndrome Web page Why I think EGBE is the WORST chemical the 'new' gulf war syndrome Melissa, a new mom may have HELLP
Margaret Diann
Sep 17, 2006
Why I think EGBE is the WORST chemical "There are probably hundreds of thousands of ways to develop environmental illnesses, 2-butoxyethanol
Margaret Diann
Sep 9, 2006
Body Temperature ... Diabetes ... Hypothalamus? Body Temperature ... Diabetes ... Hypothalamus? A man who became a type 1 diabetic immediately after a head injury ... shared that he has difficulty with
Margaret Diann
Aug 11, 2006
Why an Epidemic of Diabetes in Australia? How to research this? I suspect the chemical exposure that causes diabetes, primarily, is 2-butoxyethanol; Causes Chronic Fatigue, too - These symptoms
Margaret Diann
Jun 11, 2006
D-Day & WWII 'fall out' D-Day ... June 6, 1944 was there 'fall out' to future generations? We need to start thinking outside the box! Does
Margaret Diann
Jun 6, 2006
Another discussion forum - MSN Diabetes Support group Please check in on a diabetes support group http://groups.msn.com/DIABETESsupportgroup/messages.msnw
Margaret Diann
May 7, 2006
We're having a health fair tomorrow and I know those who are TIRED of being TIRED ... with the CFS, FM, CFIDS pattern of symptoms ... won't find the fatigue with the blood tests that will be
Margaret Diann
Apr 21, 2006
What are they doing for diabetes now-a-days? and ... What are they doing for DIABETES now-a-days? "I have been to two top endocrinologists in the last 3 months and they both have recommended Byetta or "The Spit"
Margaret Diann
Apr 14, 2006
What kind of harm does this CFIDS chemical cause? The chemical I'm concerned about, has been in widespread use for decades. It targets multiple organs & body systems at the same time, so it is not a matter of
Margaret Diann
Apr 5, 2006
A Different View of Diabetes I think 2-butoxyethanol is the main diabetes causing chemical. Ask, "When did your diabetes start up? ... after FLU
Margaret Diann
Apr 4, 2006
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