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129Re: [dharmaraja_scouts] Fwd: Dark side of the Sudu-Kalu-saha-Alu (by Old Rajan)

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  • Chinthaka Bandara
    Sep 10, 2005
      Dear All,
      I was lucky to read the news paper artical and I was really shocked to know that one Rajan has been in voled with this film. No one should even think of watching this film.
      Chinthaka Bandara
      Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

      Ruwan Abey <ruwan500@...> wrote:
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      Hi All

      This is about the film Sudu-Kalu saha Alu who directed by old Rajan.

      I think honestly there is nothing to proud of it as a Rajans or a
      Sri Lankan. I don't recommend any one to watch that film. There are
      lot of old Rajans who is in Army, Navy and Air force who sacrificed
      there life for protecting our country. We should proud of them and
      salute them. The film is totally against our forces and it's taking
      down there moral.

      Please read and forward the article abt the film, on Sep05,2005 at
      Divaina. Wrote by Admiral Sarath Weerasekara.

      Thank you.

      Nalinda 99 A/L
      R A J A N S - F O R - E V E R . . .  ! ! !

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