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Naga Puja - 17 Nov 2013, Sunday

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    From: Goh Yee Chin *NAGA PUJA **Conducted by Palchen Rinpoche* (Organiser of the World Peace Puja) (to know more about Palchen Rinpoche,
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    From: Goh Yee Chin <gohyeechin@...>


    Conducted by Palchen Rinpoche 

    (Organiser of the World Peace Puja)

    (to know more about Palchen Rinpoche, pls visit http://www.gongyasi.org/)



     Date: 17 Nov 2013, Sunday

    Meeting Point: Marina South Pier 

    Time: 9.30am

    Boat Fee + offering: $20 per person

    Wealth Vase (optional): $50 or $300

    To register:  sms 9325 8710 

    (pls indicate whether you are driving there or taking the bus service)



    Please note that all participants must observe being a vegetarian for that day.  


    It is better not to have leather accessories or garments. e.g. wallet, belt, shoe, jacket or etc...


    Nagas are a kind of long-lived serpent like beings with miraculous powers. They mostly live in the depths of water and are supposed to control the weather, especially rain

    Nagas (snakes, water dragons.) can be wisdom holders, and can also cause skin diseases, depletion of life force energy and other obstacles. It is wise to make offerings to Nagas, when disturbing the earth for any reason. It is believed that one's present wealth, fame, health, confidence, merits will improve, obstacles and sickness will be eliminated, one will always meet good friends and masters, has a happy harmonious family with pleasant looking and intelligent children, there will be fine weather in the region with sufficient rainfall, good harvest, and the country will enjoy peace and harmony. last but not least one will accomplish one's practices.

    We should also dedicate the merit both toward the fulfillment of our aspiration, and also for the benefit of all sentient beings. For example, if one wishes to be free from a particular suffering such as a skin disease, the Naga offerings made should be dedicated to the peace and well being of the injured Nagas, and the aspiration can be made that by this offering may all beings afflicted by the wrath of the Nagas be forgiven for their mistakes and may they meet with the cessation of their ailments etc. Similarly one should pray: May all beings awaken to the heart of enlightenment by this generosity and may this Naga offering assure prosperity for all beings.



    1) Obstacles and sickness will be eliminated and one will have good health and wealth;

    2) Always meet good friends and masters;

    3) Good harvest of the five grains;

    4) Accomplish one’s practice;

    5) Bring happiness, peace and harmony for the family and country.


    Benefits of offering the Naga Wealth Vases

    Excerpts from the treasure teachings of Padma Thinley and Terton Longsal Nyinpo:


    This [Naga Vase] will increase wealth and human race,
    Regardless of whether they are the Sangha, King or Yogis,
    They will all be able to spread and stabilize the Dharma!


    Just as it is mentioned, the karma and merits of humans are dependent upon Earth Deities and Nagas.  Therefore, if we please them, they will help us beyond imagination.


    Ancestral lineage will stretch longer and develop,
    Sovereignty, merits and material riches will increase,
    Crops and harvests will be bountiful,
    Tree groves and forests will multiply,
    Followers, wealth, food and drinks will be gathered,
    The Buddha Dharma will flourish widely and attract admirations!

    The Naga Vases will be consecrated with countless substances together with varieties of waters and earth from several sources. At the last stage, the Naga Vases will be blessed by Palchen Rinpoche and Lama. Upon completion, the Wealth Vases becomes a favorable abode for the Nagas to dwell in happiness. As such, they will seek to benefit the virtuous individuals who have offered the Naga vases, thus ultimately bringing immeasurable merit accumulation as well as countless benefits and good luck.

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