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6502Keep the flame of Buddha-Dharma Burning Bright: Supp ort the Building of a Hostel for Monastics at Palpung Monast ery in Kham 培育僧才续佛慧灯 随喜建设八蚌僧 舍 (八蚌寺)

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  • NamoAmituofo
    Jan 26, 2014
    From: Goh Yee Chin <gohyeechin@...>

    Keep the flame of Buddha-Dharma Burning Bright:

    Support the Building of a Hostel for Monastics at Palpung Monastery in Kham



    A snow view of the Palpung monastery


    The propagation of the Buddha-Dharma relies on having Sanghas with the correct understanding while the welfare of sentient beings relies on the Triple Gem’s continual presence.  Due to the rapid increase of students in recent years, the Buddhist Institute at Palpung Monastery, where monastics are trained, has difficulty to accommodate all of them.  In order to allow them to concentrate on their studies, Rinpoche Tai Situpa has suggested to Palchen Rinpoche of Gongya Monastery and his followers to help Palpung Monastery to build a hostel at its right wing within a year to accommodate 300 monastics.


    About Palpung Monastery’s Buddhist Institute


    Palpung Monastery is situated east of Tibet at Derge County in Kham, where it is about 3900 metres above sea level.  It was founded by the 8th Kenting Tai Situpa Chokyi Jungne and has a long history of almost 300 years. The full name of Palpung monastery is "Palpung Thubten Choekhor Ling ~ The Holy Dharma Seat". Palpung was one of the 25 sacred places blessed by Guru Rinpoche. Jetsun Marpa also prophesied about the special qualities of this place and said that it would be the source of much Dharma where the Kagyu doctrine would flourish. “Palpung” literally means “an auspicious land abundant in wealth and elites”.  Palpung Monastery is the seat of the succeeded Kenting Tai Situpas, the religious centre of eastern Tibet, as well as the centre for living art and culture.  It is the Karma Kagyu mother monastery in Eastern Tibet and an important hub for the transmission of the Karma Kagyu and Shangpa Kagyu lineages. 


    The monastic college, Palpung  Buddhist Institute of Higher Buddhist Studies (Tibetan: Lung-Rig Jampal Ling), was built by the 8th Kenting Tai Situpa Chokyi Jugne and was the first Buddhist College in Derge to systematically transmit the teachings of Five Sciences.  The 8th Kenting Tai Situpa personally conducted the teachings as the first main Khenpo here.  In 1989, the College was restored and accepted students from all lineages .  To date, it has educated more than 400 monastics with the most outstanding Khenpos (professors) sent to more than 40 temples to propagate the Dharma or to build Buddhist Colleges.  The many Khenpos and lamas who benefitted from the College are now in different parts of the world, spreading the Dharma for the benefit of all beings.


    Presently, the College’s enrolment is increasing every year, with the students aged between 18 to 30 years and coming mainly from Qinghai, Tibet, Yunnan and Sichuan’s Tibetan Region.


    The Sponsorship Request


    Palchen Rinpoche of Gongya Monastery has always done his best to fulfil the wishes of the late Sangye Tenzin Rinpoche.  The relationship between Palpung Monastery and Gongya Monastery is a long and cordial one and the late Rinpoche and the 12th Rinpoche Tai Situpa are close to each other. Palchen Rinpoche has utmost confidence in Rinpoche Tai Situpa and vowed to do his best to help the latter accomplish his projects.


    Rinpoche Tai Situpa therefore suggested to Palchen Rinpoche to sponsor the building of a right-wing hostel at Palpung Monastery.  He said: “This would be of tremendous help because the number of students is rapidly increasing but the condition of the existing hostel is unable to keep up. Hence building the ring-wing hostel is very important and crucial.”


    The Status of the Building Project


    The planned new right-wing hostel will be a four-storey building 62 metres long and 12 metres wide. The building will be constructed of reinforced steel and cement.  As the construction site is in a remote area at high altitude, there are many practical constraints such as: the short working schedule, the difficulties of implementation, the high labour costs and the high costs of transportation to deliver the building materials to the site which even exceed the costs of the building materials, etc. The estimated total bill to complete the building is therefore more than 10 million RMB (around S$2 million).


    Right now, the building’s blueprint has been completed and the ground clearing and resurfacing works have already begun.  To avoid a situation where the students would have to sleep out during the harsh winters, there is an urgency to provide them with suitable accommodation as soon as possible.  May we be guided by the Rinpoche Tai Situpa and aspire to strive together with Palchen Rinpoche to complete the building project within one year.


    The Sutra on the Merits of Monastics states that an accomplished monastic continually develops the virtue of the masses. The one who can endow the supreme fruit to Human and God realms is none other than the Triple Gem of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Giving a small scoop of water with kindness to a monastic, one reaps merit as immense as the volume of the sea. Little specks can still be counted, but the merit from supporting monastics is infinite. 


    May all Buddhists and supporters cherish this special opportunity, aspire according to your heart’s desire and give to this worthy cause to support monastic education, which would help to keep the flame of the Buddha-Dharma burning bright.


    Those who would like to make a contribution to this project pls let me know. The closing date is 18 March. Attached are the letter from Tai Situpa Rinpoche and some photos taken when Palchen Rinpoche inspecting the site.


    Respectfully wishing all the blessings of auspiciousness and bliss!


    Goh Yee Chin




    A brief introduction to Palpung Monastery





    培育僧才续佛慧灯  随喜建设八蚌僧舍
























    赞僧功德经云:殊胜妙宝大德僧,长养众生功德种, 能与人天胜果者,无过佛法僧宝众。善心僧中施掬水,获福多于大海量, 微尘尚可有算期,僧中施宝无有尽。








    毅进 合十




















    金刚乘佛教八蚌寺 法主

    第十二世 广定泰锡度巴


    A brief introduction to Palpung Monastery








    A snow view of the main monastery of Palpung monastery.




    A snow view for the front part of Palpung monastery community.




    The front part of Palpung monastery community bathed in the sun and covered by the snow from two days ago.





    Stupas in Palpung monastery




    A view resembled "three elephants playing the water";

    The main monastery of Palpung monastery was situated on the mountain just as if it was on the back of an elephant.





    The highest mountain in the back is the so-called Sacred Mountain;

    A white spot shown in the picture close to the top on your right hand side is Six Doctrines of Niguma retreat center.






    The monastic college (Shedra)




    Mahavairocana Retreat Center




    The printing press in Palpung monastery - "Buddha Dharma Treasury"