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Re: [dsg] Re: Meta-communication/Mettaa-communication

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  • sarah abbott
    Dear Scott, ... .... S: :-) ... .... S: :-) ... .. S: Well, all but the arahat have conceit. There are also the ones that lurkers may be familiar with,like I
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      Dear Scott,

      --- On Wed, 29/7/09, Scott <scduncan@...> wrote:
      >>Sarah: "Bound to be many different cittas regardless. We can wait til the metta light shines, but who knows what the citta will be a few moments later?"

      >Scott: Or before there is a 'waiting.' What is it, technically, do you think, that creates the 'wait' of which you speak? Could be kusala or akusala, I guess. The common recourse of 'counting-to- ten' is something anyone can advise or try, and it would produce an 'interpersonal' result that could look very much like kusala. Do I want it to 'look like kusala?' No. I'd rather 'look' whatever way, than fake 'kusala' to appear all pious and whatnot. More thinking, as discussed below.
      S: :-)

      >Sarah ";-) Maana, as Azita and I were chatting about... 'Why does he talk to ME like that?', 'How dare he tell ME what to do?', 'Does he really think he knows better than the big 'I'?."

      >Scott: I'm just like that! You guys weren't talking about me, were you? You know, like subtly? Whatever. ;-)
      S: :-)
      >Scott: I even know it's total conceit. I have the 'subtle' twist that says, 'I don't know much, but neither does he,' but, again, whatever. Yeah, it's true.
      S: Well, all but the arahat have conceit. There are also the ones that lurkers may be familiar with,like "I know less than the others, so I won't speak out" or "I may get it wrong, make a mistake and what about my reputation then?" I'm sure we can all find plenty of examples.

      >I'd rather wait for true kusala, but in the absence, given that I can't seem not to discuss, I guess I'll discuss roughly at times because I feel it's either that or not at all. There are many who I'd like to discuss with who just don't show up very often. I think I've tried every way in the book, for example, to talk sense into Alex - whatever that means - and can make no headway. More maana, right: 'Why doesn't he ever listen?', 'Why the same unchanging view?' You'd advocate continuing, perhaps. But why? I have an 'unchanging view' as well, (as do you) if I'm saying a variation of the same thing to someone all the time.
      S: And we can be sure that this discussion is not about Alex or anyone/anything else, but *ME*:-)
      >>Scott: Yeah. Who am I to think that I can express the Dhamma as I understand it though? And, Ha Ha, by the way: 'Meta-mettaa' - good one.
      S: So more meta-metta

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