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[dsg] The World in the Buddhist Sense. Ch 1, no 3.

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Dear friends, In the “absolute sense”, or, in the “ariyan discipline”, there is no fork, no razor, no mirror; these are only ideas we can think of, but
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      Dear friends,

      In the �absolute sense�, or, in the �ariyan discipline�, there is no
      fork, no razor, no mirror; these are only ideas we can think of, but
      they are not realities. When there is seeing, it is visible object
      which is experienced; when there is touching, it is hardness,
      coldness or another r�pa presenting itself through the bodysense ,
      which is experienced. When we remember that we call a particular
      thing a �fork� or a �razor�, or when we remember how to use them, the
      reality presenting itself at that moment is a kind of n�ma. Realities
      are experienced through the six doorways, presenting themselves one
      at a time. They are not a person, not a thing which can stay, they
      are n�ma and r�pa which arise and then fall away immediately. This is
      the truth which can be directly experienced, this is the �world� in
      the ariyan discipline.
      Is this not more simple than you would have thought at first? There
      is thinking when you are shaving. Is that not different from seeing ,
      from touching? Attachment or aversion may arise on account of what is
      experienced. Are these not realities different from seeing, from
      visible object, from the experience of tangible object or from the
      r�pas which are experienced through the bodysense? It would be
      helpful to realize that all these realities which appear are
      different, that they have different characteristics. They are n�ma
      and r�pa which arise because of conditions, not self. We cling so
      much to concepts and ideas which we convey to others by means of
      conventional terms in language. We cling to sa���, we are infatuated
      with all the ideas and stories we remember, such as razor, fork,
      person. This blinds us to the world in the ariyan sense. It prevents
      us from understanding n�ma and r�pa as they present themselves
      through the six doors, one at a time.


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