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Re: Books for USA - kom, amara, shin,

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  • Amara
    *Please ignore any duplication of this message.* ... books ... Also, if ... books, ... centers ... Please ... Venerable sir, Anumodana in your great kusala
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2001
      *Please ignore any duplication of this message.*

      > I would be glad if anyone who is willing to donate any other Dhamma
      > would do so. Ask Robert for the contact address off list, please.
      Also, if
      > you know of organizations beside the one in Taiwan who distribute
      > please let me know!
      > I am carrying a lot back with me, but there are many people who have
      > requested books. Also, I would like to distribute books for youth
      > for troubled youths, and there is a great need for them in prisons.
      > help if you can!

      Venerable sir,

      Anumodana in your great kusala cetana to perform this greatest of
      dana, dhamma dana, I am sure many of us will join in, I will ask the
      Sat. EDG to help select some books tomorrow to send you.
      Unfortunately the English selection is not so large, and some books
      are too technical for the general audience, but there is at least one
      that is suitable for all audiences and available in large quantity,
      Nina's recently published 'Letters from Nina' which would be good for
      readers of any level of understanding. You can find the same book in
      the <http://www.DhammaStudy.com> website, intermediate section. Our
      sponsor at the website is putting together a package for you and will
      send it probably on Monday. May I ask when you are leaving so that
      they may mail it in time? Perhaps you could send me the address also,
      on or off list, thank you very much in advance.

      Again, anumodana,

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