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Re: [dsg] new to buddhism

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  • Sarah
    Dear Friend, ... .... S: Not at all, I m glad to see you here. Perhaps you can let us know where you live and anything further on how you ve become interested
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2004
      Dear Friend,

      --- reesem44004 <reesem44004@...> wrote: > Hi everyone.
      > First I want to thank you for allowing me to join your group. Very
      > happy to be able to openly discuss buddhism without being looked at
      > or treated in a weird manner.
      S: Not at all, I'm glad to see you here. Perhaps you can let us know where
      you live and anything further on how you've become interested in Buddhism.
      > I am very new to buddhism....just started my studies about 2 months
      > ago. I would like your input as to the books you would suggest that
      > would be good to start out with.
      > I have just ordered 5 books written by Alan Watts....please lend your
      > input on good "starter" books....
      S: Just about the first book I ever read (a few times) was 'the Buddha and
      his Teachings' by Narada Thera. A friend quoted from it recently, so I
      think it's on line and gives a simple, but clear introduction to Theravada
      Buddhism. I haven't really looked at it for a very long time though.
      Please also try reading Nina Van Gorkom's 'Buddhism in Daily Life' and any
      of her other materials here:

      Also, if you go to ‘Useful Posts’ and look under: ‘New to the list and New
      to Dhamma’ and also ‘Abhidhamma for Beginners’, you will find more

      Finally, why not ask some basic questions here and follow the threads,
      asking for further clarifications. Meanwhile, just ignore any complicated
      discussions like those on ‘space’;-)

      Look forward to hearing more from you,


      p.s We ask everyone to ‘sign off’ with a preferably real name, so we know
      how to address each other. No need to be shy here;-)

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