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Re: According to the Buddha, there isn't such thing as luck!

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  • buddhatrue
    ... Hi Star Kid Sandy! Sorry I didn t reply to this letter earlier. I think I read it and intended to answer it and then it got buried in some other posts and
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      --- In dhammastudygroup@yahoogroups.com, Star Kid <starkidsclub@y...>
      > Dear James,
      > Thankyou for the reply.
      > So if the Buddha does not believe in luck, did the
      > Buddha do things that are good and not bad?
      > Why do people have to do good things to want good
      > things to happen to themselves? Is this one of the
      > teachings from the Buddha?
      > Yes, I did know that King Tut is actually a boy
      > king! Did you take any photos of his treasures?
      > And what treasures did he have?
      > Metta,
      > Sandy

      Hi Star Kid Sandy!

      Sorry I didn't reply to this letter earlier. I think I read it and
      intended to answer it and then it got buried in some other posts and
      it slipped my mind. I think that someone else in this group, a man
      named Michael, wrote to me some questions about the pyramids and I
      lost that post also. I don't have a fast Internet connection here in
      Cairo so I can't go through pages and pages of posts when I lose
      track…unless I am told exactly where to go. I hope that anyone will
      forgive me if I haven't replied to his/her post.

      Okay, now to answer your questions: Yes, the Buddha only did things
      that were good; he didn't do things that were bad. This can't be
      said about most religious leaders, many of them sometimes do bad
      things, and so it is quite significant that for forty years the
      Buddha never had a weak or selfish moment. People have to do good
      things to get good results, that is the law of karma. Yes, this is
      something that the Buddha taught. But it really isn't as complicated
      as it sounds, the Buddha made it easy to understand. He taught that
      each person should do at least five things to have a happy life and
      good karma: 1. Don't lie; 2. Don't Steal; 3. Don't kill; 4. Don't
      drink alcohol or take drugs; 5. Don't commit adultery. Sounds pretty
      simple doesn't it? Well, these five things are what most people are
      not able to follow. The world would be a perfect place if everyone
      followed these five rules.

      I didn't take any photos of King Tut because I had a new digital
      camera with me and I didn't know how to turn off the flash! Hehehe
      They don't allow flash photography in the museum. I may go back
      again soon, it is getting cooler outside (and the museum is
      predominately not air conditioned, ugh!), and take some photos. Now
      I know how to turn off the flash! ;-). He had all kinds of
      treasures: gold and jewel necklaces, g&j rings, g&j waist wraps, gold
      finger and toe coverings, gold shoes, etc. Too many things to list.
      His sarcophagus was also gold and jewel encrusted. Egypt used to be
      a very rich land, now it is very poor. Just goes to show how things

      Take care and study hard in school.

      Metta, James
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