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Re: [dsg] wrong path factors

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  • nina van gorkom
    Dear Rob, Just another matter, occasion for anumodana. Mr. Wong Malaysia wrote,
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 31, 2003
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      Dear Rob,
      Just another matter, occasion for anumodana.
      Mr. Wong Malaysia wrote,
      <Through The Malaysian publication of A Buddhist magazine 'Eastern Horizon'
      [Jan Apr 2003 Issue No.10], I read the article 'Abhidhamma in Daily Life' by
      Rob Moulton who introduces your Web-site to the readers.>
      He appreciates Zolag web, started reading more, has a sincere interest in
      Abhidhamma. So you see that an article of yours helps people's interest. I
      told him of our membership of dsg, invited him to join.

      op 31-07-2003 13:09 schreef robmoult op rob.moult@...:

      > Thanks, this makes sense to me.
    • Sarah
      Dear Larry, Jim, Chris & All, I wrote to Bhikkhu Bodhi about the Visuddhimagga copyright point , Jim’s qu and a couple of other matters. I’d like to share
      Message 2 of 6 , Aug 1 12:54 AM
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        Dear Larry, Jim, Chris & All,

        I wrote to Bhikkhu Bodhi about the Visuddhimagga copyright point , Jim’s
        qu and a couple of other matters. I’d like to share the relevant parts of
        his response:

        BB: “There is no need to worry about copyright since you are only using
        extracts for purpose of discussion. Thus all you need do is give the
        source reference.”

        Sutta Nipata Comy
        JIM wrote 1.:

        “Suttanipaata-a.t.thakathaa, pp. 46-52 on the
        Theragaathaa-a.t.thakathaa, pp. 1-19 on the
        introductory verses.

        The passages contain a lot of valuable information
        about mahaabodhisattas, paccekabodhisattas, and
        saavakabodhisattas. And there is a conversation between the Buddha and
        Ananda in the SnA passage about the time it takes for the first two types
        to become a buddha.
        JIM wrote 2:

        “I don't think PTS would publish a translation unless it was the entire
        commentary. I
        thought that maybe BPS might have something in the way of translated
        extracts. It seems to me that these passages are hardly known in the
        English-speaking world. I have yet to study them in detail but from what
        I've read so far it's like a bodhisatta doctrine being laid out in quite
        an impressive way and a good response to some of those Mahayana critics.
        I think you will be familiar with some of the material
        eg. the 8 conditions needed to become a Mahaabodhisatta as in
        the Buddhava.msa, but there is also the 5 conditions for a
        paccekabodhisatta and 2 (adhikaara and chandataa) for the
        saavakabodhisatta. It would make for a worthwhile translation project
        BB replies:

        “I have seen this passage and agree it would be interesting to read in
        translation. I don't think it is available anywhere in English. Perhaps if
        I can find some time I will try to translate it.”

        I mentioned that many of us here were wishing him well with his various
        projects including the AN comy. Unfortunately, he continues to suffer
        from severe headaches at Bodhi monastery. He referred to these
        difficulties in an interview given just before we saw him in Hong Kong
        last year, but he asked me not to pass it round until it had been
        published as it now has. Christine, I’m sure you and others will enjoy
        reading it if you haven’t already:

        “Climbing to the Top of the Mountain”
        It is published in the American Buddhist journal "Insight," published by
        the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies.

        As B.Bodhi just mentioned to me, his headache condition “remains
        impervious to every means of treatment. It is a major obstacle to my work,
        teaching, and meditation, but it is likely nothing short of a miracle will
        reverse it.” It seems that the benefit of Dr Ma’s treatment was very
        short-lived too.

        I also received a letter today from a friend in Bangkok. whom several
        people know, who continues to have rounds of chemotherapy with strong
        side-effects for her cancerous condition. Although she’s so weak and
        unable to go out much, she continues to listen to Dhamma tapes and reflect
        wisely. As the Comy passage I quoted the other day said, we’ve had
        lifetime afer lifetime of being afflicted by various diseases and
        ailments, but very rare is the lifetime that we have an opportunity to
        read, hear, consider and follow the teachings of the Buddha.

        I also appreciated that with all their other preoccupations and health
        difficulties, both this friend and B.Bodhi had been concerned about us and
        others during SARS. It’s wonderful to hear examples of metta and kindness
        from people at these times.

        With metta,


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