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FW: Commentary Mahaarahulovaadasutta

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  • nina van gorkom
    ... Van: nina van gorkom Datum: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 10:26:05 +0100 Aan: Pali yahoo Onderwerp: Commentary
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      Van: nina van gorkom <nilo@...>
      Datum: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 10:26:05 +0100
      Aan: Pali yahoo <Pali@yahoogroups.com>
      Onderwerp: Commentary Mahaarahulovaadasutta

      Commentary Mahaaraahulovaadasutta, no. 8.
      Relevant Sutta passages:
      Atha kho aayasmaa Raahulo saayanhasamaya.m pa.tisallaanaa vu.t.thito....
      Then, at evening time, the venerable Rahula got up from solitude

      "Ya.m ki~nci, Raahula, ajjhatta.m paccatta.m kakkha.la.m kharigata.m
      upaadinna.m, seyyathida.m - kesaa lomaa nakhaa
      whatever internally, and individually, is solid,
      solidified, and clung to, namely: head hair, body hair, nails,


      bhagavataa pana aacikkhitakamma.t.thaanameva purebhattampi pacchaabhattampi
      -- ``itipi ruupa.m anicca.m, itipi dukkha.m, itipi asubha.m, itipi
      anattaa''ti aggi.m abhimatthento viya nirantara.m manasikatvaa
      saayanhasamaye cintesi --

      Rahula contemplated the meditation subject that was explained to him by the
      Blessed One before and after his meal thus: ³Materiality truly is
      impermanent, it truly is unsatisfactory, it truly is foul, it truly is
      non-self². After he had contemplated this continuously (nirantara.m), just
      as someone who desires to have light, the following thoughts occurred to him
      towards evening:

      ``aha.m upajjhaayena aanaapaanassati.m bhaavehiiti vutto , tassa vacana.m
      karissaami aacariyupajjhaayaana~nhi vacana.m akaronto dubbaco naama hoti.

      ³Since my preceptor has told me (aha.m vutto) to develop mindfulness of
      breathing I shall be obedient (vacana.m karissaami). If I don¹t follow what
      my teachers and preceptors say, I am indeed obstinate ( dubbaco, difficult
      to speak to).

      `dubbaco raahulo, upajjhaayassapi vacana.m na karotii'ti ca garahuppattito
      kakkha.lataraa pii.laa naama natthii''ti bhaavanaavidhaana.m pucchitukaamo
      bhagavato santika.m agamaasi. ta.m dassetu.m atha kho aayasmaa raahulotiaadi

      Nothing is more oppressive and harsh than receiving the reproach, Rahula who
      is obstinate does not follow up the words of his preceptor. ³
      He visited the Blessed One personally because he was eager to ask about the
      ways of mental development. It was said (by Ananda ), atha kho aayasmaa
      raahulo, then, (at evening time,) the venerable Rahula (got up from
      solitude) etc.

      tattha pa.tisallaanaati ekiibhaavato. ya.mki~nci raahulaati kasmaa?
      bhagavaa aanaapaanassati.m pu.t.tho ruupakamma.t.thaana.m kathetiiti. ruupe

      Then, as to the word, pa.tisallaanaa, (having got up), this means, from
      solitude (ekiibhaava, being alone).
      As to the words, ya.mki~nci raahulaa, whatever, Rahula (is internal, etc.),
      why is this said? When he asked the Blessed One about Mindfulness of
      Breathing, The Blessed One spoke about the meditation subject of
      materiality, so that he (Rahula) would abandon his attachment to materiality
      (attha.m, with the aim).

      Remarks, questions: na karissaami: Burmese and Siamese manuscript omit : na.
      I shall follow the words, be obedient... I erased the na in my text, it
      makes more sense.
      As to:
      garahuppattito kakkha.lataraa pii.laa naama natthii''ti , not sure. I
      compared with my Thai text. This came out. A comparative. I like to be
      corrected, please.
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