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Re: [dsg] Momentous occasion nr 2

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  • Jonothan Abbott
    Herman ...
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 1, 2003

      --- "Egberdina <hhofman@...>" <hhofman@...> wrote:
      > Jon,

      <<I do understand the general thrust of the suttas to be in
      accordance with what you are saying.
      I do have to admit that it is more than a bit of a stumbling block
      for me.>>

      I admire this response, Herman. To simply acknowledge the difference
      between one's own views and the teachings, rather than reject
      anything that doesn't appeal, takes a certain kind of courage
      (related, in my own case at least, to the conceit that wonders how I
      could be wrong :-)).

      <<I remember Robert K posting a jataka story quite some time ago
      about some negative karmic result accruing to the Buddha in one of
      his lives, because he reacted with aversion when his kids copped a
      beating from their new carer as he renounced them yet again(he had a
      bit of a habit of doing that).
      Thinking about that again still raises the temperature of my blood
      (when it bubbles, does that mean it is boiling :-)?.>>

      I think this would be a fairly normal response. On the face of it,
      the story-line runs counter to standards we have been brought up to
      consider fair and decent.

      Actually, there are a number of aspects to the teachings that run
      counter to either our taught values or innately held beliefs, but
      many of these things we have now come to recognise as having merit or
      as more than likely being in accordance with the way things are.

      <<If I were able to react without aversion in the scenarios you
      quoted or the one above, I will have proved to myself that I was
      already mentally dead, and whether the body would live on for another
      million years or two seconds would be immaterial.
      A long time ago I was prescribed anti-depressants. The moment they
      kicked in I stopped using them, as I could no longer feel. It was for
      me far more preferable to feel all that comes with feeling suicidal
      than not to be able to feel at all.>>

      Yes, we want more feeling and emotion, and any feeling/emotion is
      better than none. This is also normal, but like many other aspects
      of our makeup, we need to ask, is it to the benefit of ourselves or

      <<Wishing you well>>

      Thanks. And the same to you.


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