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RE: Phil to Lukas

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  • Lukas
    Hi Phil, ... L: I think this is all about bein hippie. Only hippie looks for self-pleasure in the abstention or seclusion. A well-taught wise person doesnt
    Message 1 of 55 , Sep 24, 2013
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      Hi Phil,

      >L: Yeap. Why dont you give it a try? Life is not a detox, that you must abstain from every attachements you have. 
      >Ph: Abstaining is usally all about being self-pleased in the abstention so not kusala anyways. And even if we abstain for a while in that way we are just huding from the powerful attachment.

      L: I think this is all about bein hippie. Only hippie looks for self-pleasure in the abstention or seclusion. A well-taught wise person doesnt look for happiness. He is interested in wholesomeness. 

      >On the other hand there are some kinds of behavior that are so toxic and so destructive that abstention is best no matter how it happens. The wisdom which knows what those behaviors are >is not Dhamma, really, it's just common sense. For example, rehab for dealing with addiction to alcohol or hardcore drugs. 

      L: When you drink or do drugs, happiness yeah? But not for long cause this brings a consequence like hangover or abstinence syndroms very soon. But wrong view like hippie have, never stops, no end, no hangover. Thus very dangerous. 

      >That's a medical emergency issue, not a sila issue in my opinion.

      L: And 'hippie' issue is not even sila or medical emergency issue. This is lack of hangover issue. Evrything is very peaceful, so the wrong view comes. No learning anything.

      > L: Anyway you have so much wrong view that another wrong view shall not harm u much more ;) 
      >Ph: Hmmmmm. This sounds like a meditator speaking. 

      L: This is not a meditation issue, this is a 'hippie' issue. They love to go meditation. Morning Yoga, afternoon one hour meditation. During day be very peaceful. And they love to meditate in a forest.

      >P: Anyways, my meditation (Ajahn Lee style) doesn't have much wrong view, I know it is not bhavana, it is just pleasure seeking, kind of neuroligical masturbation.

      L: OK, so you mean hippie. They are 'pleasant mental idea onanists'. While anger comes they don get it. 

      >P: No days off? Wow, hang in there. 

      L: No not at all, since 4 months. This brings me mental tiredness only, since the body doest feel tired at all. It doesnt know anything about tiredness.

      >Ph: Do you meanimmorality? If so, I agree that a certain degree of immorality seems nice and healthy sonetimes. But of course that is Mara at work. Phil P.s Speaking of immorality, have you seen the TV show Breaking Bad that is so popular these days. If you have, you will know what I mean when I say I *still* am rooting for Walt. Hiri-otappa malfunctioning on that one, especially considering what I wrote about hardcore drugs above. If yoy haven't seen it, never mind. Phil

      L: Yes I saw Breaking Bad, as well Misfits these days. No comment.

      Best wishes
    • sarahprocterabbott
      Hi Alex, ... ... S: So is the person made from 5 khandhas more khandhas or something else? What experiences through all 6 ayatanas ? Person or 5 khandhas?
      Message 55 of 55 , Oct 8, 2013
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        Hi Alex, 

        >S: Who is this person? Which khandha is the person? Which doorway is the person experienced through?


        >A:Person is made from 5 khandhas working together and experiences through all 6 ayatanas.


        S: So is the "person made from 5 khandhas" more khandhas or something else? 

        What "experiences through all 6 ayatanas"? Person or 5 khandhas?

        Please define in terms of dhammas what these 6 ayatanas you are referring to are.




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