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RE: T.A. on Sunday (July 28), live. Remembrance, sa~n~naa.

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  • sarahprocterabbott
    Dear Friends, Nina wrote: T.A. on Sunday (July 28), live. ... T.a.:
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 21, 2013

      Dear Friends, 

      Nina wrote:

      >T.A. on Sunday (July 28), live.

       >T.A.: < It must be now. When pa~n~naa rightly understands realities sa~n~naa will become firmer.

      >As to asubha sa~n~naa, remembrance of foulness, of things as not beautiful, this is not just thinking. Who thinks? Something is not beautiful because of impermanence, dukkha and anattaa. It is not a question of words. We see a beautiful flower and can we say that it is not beautiful? What does pa~ n~naa know? It is anattaa, not a person. Because of seeing, there is attention to shape and form and we remember what is seen as beautiful. But pa~n~naa must know that everything, everything is just dhamma. >

      >Other speaker:<There is the subject of loathsomeness of the body: hair of the head, of the body, nails, etc.We cling to the body, adorn it, use perfums, etc. But the deeper meaning is penetrated by pa~n~naa when it realizes the arising and falling away of realities. Can what arises and falls away be beautiful? >

      T.a.:< Is there now asubha? We think of foulness but it is not a matter of thinking. We do not have to force ourselves not to like something. That does not lead to the eradication of defilements. There should be more understanding of what appears. We have to listen again, and know that it is dhamma, not self, not a person. >
      S: All conditioned dhammas are asubha, but in the suttas, usually only the sense objects are referred to as asubha. The reason is that is usually these sense objects that are taken for being subha (beautiful) in a day and are objects of clinging.


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