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Re: Notional Existence (for Alex)

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  • Lukas
    Thank you,Nina. Best wishes Lukas
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 21 12:03 AM
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      Thank you,Nina.

      Best wishes

      > ------
      > > N: It has a characteristic and it does not matter whether it is
      > > very hard or very soft or just a little. No need to think of it or
      > > to name it, or to name it tangible object, it just appears through
      > > the bodysense for an extremely short moment. It seems that it stays
      > > for a while but that is not so.
      > >
      > As Acharn said, even hardness we take for my body or mine, when there
      > is an idea of somewhere. Awareness begins but pa~n~naa is not strong
      > enough to let go of the idea of mine or self.
      > ------
      > Nina.
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