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The Perfections developed in Daily life, Ch 7, no 4.

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Dear friends, Nina: “We will go back to our countries and there will be ups and downs in our practice. Now we are in India and we have a great deal of
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2012
      Dear friends,

      Nina: �We will go back to our countries and there will be ups and
      downs in our practice. Now we are in India and we have a great deal
      of discussions; when we are back it will be different.�

      Acharn Sujin: �Don�t you think that there are also ups and downs now?�

      Nina: �Yes, but maybe there are more conditions for awareness because
      of our discussions and because of the holy places we visited.�

      Acharn Sujin: �But one can see that all such moments are anatt�, and
      that is the way to have less clinging.�

      Nina: �One may have lots of worries when one is back. I have to move
      to another country and to adapt myself to life over there, and then I
      will worry. Problems will arise.�

      Acharn Sujin: �With sati one will see that right understanding can

      Nina: �But there may be downs in the practice.�

      Acharn Sujin: �That can be object of awareness. If it is not object
      of awareness, right understanding cannot grow.�

      Nina: �But the Bodhisatta had in some lives not so many opportunities
      to develop understanding; for example, when he was an animal. So, ups
      and downs are bound to happen.�

      Acharn Sujin: "Otherwise realities would not be impermanent, dukkha,

      When I was clinging to a concept of self who could have sati, Acharn
      Sujin brought me back to the present moment, saying that there are
      also ups and downs now. Only the present moment can be clearly
      understood. While we are thinking about sati we do not know the true
      nature of realities. In our daily life there may be moments of sati
      but since we are beginners there is not yet clear understanding of
      n�ma and r�pa. We may become discouraged and we may believe that
      there could not be sati in daily life. We may doubt about the
      characteristic of sati and we may wonder whether there was sati or
      not. While we are thinking with doubt we do not know the present
      reality and there is no way to find out when there is sati and when
      there is not. Courage is needed to begin again and again in order to
      know the truth.
      We should be faithful to our commitment to know the present moment,
      �not preferring to know objects other than the present one�, as
      Acharn Sujin often said. This does not mean that there should not be
      development of all kinds of kusala at the same time. All the
      perfections should be developed, but they should be developed along
      with right understanding of the present moment. In that way there
      will be less inclination to cling to an idea of �my kusala�. One will
      realize that kusala is impermanent, dukkha and anatt�.
      Acharn Sujin reminded me to be aware in all kinds of situations:
      �Better than thinking about sati now is being aware in Holland while
      you are busy.�
      If we are sincere and we do not prefer other objects to the present
      reality, right understanding can grow in daily life, while we are
      busy, while we are relaxed, while we are enjoying ourselves with
      music and other entertainments. We will not try to change our life
      and, thus, satipatth�na can become more natural. There will be less
      worry about sati. It is not depressing to be sincere, it is
      purifying. We should be grateful to the Buddha who taught us the way
      to know our true accumulations, all our defilements.


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