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Poland, 15, a.m. 00a. Just now. (1)

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Dear friends, Poland, 15, a.m. 00a. (1) Acharn:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2012
      Dear friends,

      Poland, 15, a.m. 00a. (1)

      Acharn: < This moment, what is there now? That is what the Buddha
      taught: without learning the teachings about reality right now, there
      is no introduction to understanding what this moment is. Otherwise it
      is only like reading about the story of realities until death,
      without understanding any reality at all. If one knows the point of
      study, understanding of whatever appears now, it will lead to more
      attention to whatever appears now and to really understand it. What
      does not appear now hasn�t arisen yet or it has gone completely.
      There is only this moment, if one can understand the truth of it.
      What is it that we take for �I see� or � my life�, �I hear� or : �I
      think�? They are only different realities, one at a time. The Buddha
      did not teach us not to understand whatever appears, like seeing
      right now. But what we take for world, for people, for thing or �I�
      must be at the moment of seeing, at the moment of hearing. So what
      the teachings talk about is now, at this moment of seeing, to
      understand the true nature of seeing. And at the moment of hearing
      right now to understand the nature of it. Until there can be the
      understanding of all realities in the world as they are, one at a
      time. >



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