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99748Re: [dsg] To Rob Ep. Part 1. Re: Dukkha; anatta (was, Not self vs. not-self)

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  • sarah abbott
    Aug 2, 2009
      Hi Alberto,


      --- On Tue, 14/7/09, sprlrt <sprlrt@...> wrote:
      >> S: Alberto, what do you think of the following from U Silananda's Abhidhammattha Sangaha hand-outs:
      > "Two kinds of truth recognized in Buddhism:
      > a) Conventional Truth, and
      > b) Ultimate Truth
      > a) Conventional Truth (Sammuti Sacca):
      > 1. Conventional Truth is that which conforms to the convention or usage of the world, e.g., a car.
      > 2. It is called Sammuti Sacca in Paa.li.
      > 3. It is also called Pa~n~natti = concept
      > 4. Two kinds of Pa~n~natti:
      > a) Naama-pa~n~natti = name-concept, which makes things known, i.e., names given to objects.
      > b) Attha-pa~n~natti = thing-concept, which is made known, i.e., the objects conveyed by the names or concepts.
      > 5. Pa~n~natti is timeless.

      A:> As far as I know Dhs & Cy don't refers to pa~n~natti/nirutti/ adhivacana in terms of sacca, neither as sammuti nor, of course, as paramattha.
      S: I would say that all sammuti sacca are pa~n~natti, such as "a car" as in the example given. However, we can't say that all pa~n~natti are sammuti sacca. If a baby calls the car a tree, for example, it's not sammuti sacca.
      S: Thanks for all the other quotes.

      How about enjoying your summer vacation on list with us whenever you can chip in:-)


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