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95263[dsg] Re: The object of meditation in metta meditation

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  • jonoabb
    Jan 23, 2009
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      Hi Robert

      > It still doesn't make sense to me that having *any* view of "another
      > sentient being" could ever be kusala, given that it is a delusion.
      > Having kusala metta arise for a delusory concept of a person would
      > seem to be wishing non-suffering to a source of suffering, namely
      > very illusion of self that we are trying to gain release from.

      Would you mind clarifying what you mean by a "view of "another
      sentient being"". Do you mean just any idea at all? If so that
      would suggest that most people's day was filled with wrong view.

      As I understand it there is a distinction to be made between the
      concept of a being and the view that beings are 'real' in the
      ultimate sense. The former does not necessarily imply the latter.

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