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94168[dsg] Re: The object of meditation in metta meditation

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  • kenhowardau
    Jan 1, 2009
      Hi Herman,

      H: > Here's wishing you a happy New Year.

      Thanks, Herman, and the same to you.

      KH: > > There is nothing wrong with the present reality.

      H: > It depends on who is talking.

      Or it depends on what is meant. In this case I meant 'for the
      purposes of satipatthana.'

      <. . .>
      H: > With the arising of satipatthana, one sees that the present
      reality consists only of a continuous flight from the past to the

      A "flight?" That doesn't sound right to me. The past no longer exists
      and the future has never existed. The present reality is all there is!

      H: > And that the engine for this continuous movement is craving. As
      long as there is craving, there is the flight towards future
      becoming. And that is because there is something wrong with the
      present, namely that it is void of self.

      Conditioned reality is always devoid of self. So too is nibbana. That
      is the way things are. It's the Dhamma! There is nothing wrong with
      the Dhamma. :-)

      Ken H
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