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84582Re: [dsg] 3 Types of INSIGHT (panna)

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  • colette
    Apr 3, 2008
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      Hi TG,

      > Although I'm concerned about the things you wrote, I'm not equipped
      to lead
      > social movements.
      colette: who is equipped or could be equipped, to lead social
      movements such as that?

      All that garbage is unfolding according to conditions and
      > unfortunately, the conditions aren't what we'd necessarily like.

      colette: in certain aspects the garbage is unfolding in accordance
      with conditions where AWARENESS or maybe it actually is that state of
      being that the entire Bush family wants to control, CONSCIOUSNESS, or
      maybe it's simply COGNITION, those aspects of each and every
      individual, awareness, consciousness, and cognition, are part of the
      individual and the parts tend to make up the whole but unlike James,
      in this case, I'm not suggesting that we view the whole and disregard
      the parts, I'm saying that each part needs to activate a
      consciousness or conscious action towards these negative aspects
      of "life". In so doing, creating a consciousness there will exist a
      magnetic field associated with that consciousness -- now I'm getting
      into my theories on Karma being nothing more that an electromagnetic
      field or force out their in the void we call space and when certain
      negative electromagnetic fields find "like electromagnetic fields"
      then the negativity is attracted to the person emminating the
      negative field, but that's a different subject -- and the more
      people become conscious of the existing problem then the greater a
      force can become to solve the problem; (pregnant pause) STARTING WITH
      THE INDIVIDUAL (the part) of the whole society.

      You also point to, in ethical circles, THE "What is" and how it
      conflicts with THE "What ought to be". Again, a completely different

      > Samsara is afflicting/suffering, it always will be, which is a
      good reason to
      > try to escape it.
      colette: are you saying that you want your cake and you want to eat
      it too?

      Escape from where? To where?

      Now it seems we're getting into that oldest of conflicts between:




      I don't care what you say, Samsara, to me, is empty, is valueless, is
      not required or desired for life.

      > Buddhism isn't designed to solve the social ills of the world.

      colette: I differ! The Buddha himself created the condition where an
      aspirant will not rest in Nirvana (nudge nudge, samsara) until all
      sentient beings are enlightened, see Bodhisatva vows.

      I'm saying that Buddhism is very well equipped to make sense out of
      the lunacy that society is facing here in the USA since those middle-
      class parents, since the 70s, have been so self-absorbed that they
      have no time to concern themselves with their own children or any
      matter that does not directly gratify their sick/pathetic emotional

      We both can, in our own ways, enlighten others to the wisdom found in
      many different Buddhist Schools, even Tibetan Schools that promote
      the Bon traditions (see Padmasambaba, Tibetan Book Of The Dead).
      THAT would
      > be grandiose in its own way.

      colette: naw, delusions of granduer don't come from falsehoods they
      basically are nurtured in the cosmic nursery of MISS REPRESENTATION

      By purifying our own minds as much as possible,
      > we become better influences that can impact others and hopefully

      colette: that is an action plan. You haven't quite gotten the hang of
      properly identifying the problem yet you are going with a tired ole
      boy network action plan.

      > If we are trapped in the quagmire of ignorance, then who are we to
      say what
      > is good or bad...because we wouldn't really know.

      colette: "quagmire of ignorance" WHAT? <....>

      IMO, people will never be
      > purified from the outside in. It works the other way...from the
      inside out.

      colette: <....>that's like trying to make water into wine or
      transmute lead into gold. Anyway, it's a proven fact that if you give
      anything to the white middle-class they will turn it into useless
      garbage which means that to give them anything in the first place was
      a fairly good indicator of the mental illness inside that

      > Yet there are good people the try to solve problems from either or
      > directions.
      colette: hope springs eternal, doesn't it?

      > Buddhism is the only thing I do where I figure I might do some
      higher good
      > for others, even if just a couple of others.

      colette: now you're talkin'. All we can do is try, hindsight will
      always be 20-20 and give us nothing but recriminations but there's
      that Buddha pointing his finger and saying "clinging, no?" not
      saying "I told you so".

      Throughout most of society, its
      > not recognized as something that is important, but for myself, I
      think its
      > THE most important thing for both myself and others.

      colette: EXACTLY. I can do the most good studying and practicing
      these esoteric truths, realities, no matter how corrupt the status
      quo is and how much they torture me. This stuff is the only thing
      I've had since 1978, I can't walk away from it.

      Sorry, I've gotta go. Time's up here at home.


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