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84519Re: [dsg] 3 Types of INSIGHT (panna)

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Apr 1, 2008
      Hi TG,
      Op 1-apr-2008, om 5:03 heeft TGrand458@... het volgende geschreven:

      > I'll be particularly interested in hearing from those who keep
      > claiming that
      > insight is only direct experience. :-)
      N: I followed most of what you have written. Vipassana ~naa.na is
      vipassana ~naa.na, different from thinking. Thinking thinks about
      realities, but does not directly experience them.
      I read the article. I find that it is well explained that the order
      of suttamaya ~naa.na and cinta-maya~naa.na may differ.
      I know the sutta about vedana, but the conclusion I do not agree with
      it: <The Vipassana meditator attains this insight through observing
      bodily sensations.>
      The Buddha gave us many suttas explainign the objects of
      understanding under the aspect of feeling, but he did not state that
      only feeling should be considered, see the sutta about 'the all'
      which points to all the different realities. Since feeling
      accompanies each citta, also the sense-cognitions, actually knowing
      feeling implies knowing the all, knowing all nama and rupa of our
      daily life.

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