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80737Re: [dsg] Reply to your letter on terminology vs practice

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  • sarah abbott
    Jan 3, 2008
      Dear Nina (& Ven P.),

      --- Nina van Gorkom <vangorko@...> wrote:
      > Meanwhile, I am sure it is very useful to discuss different subjects
      > such as meditation and I appreciate it when you give your opinions,
      > and also others will appreciate that. Let us not put off discussions
      > until Febr.
      S: Agreed! If you would like to pick up on any of the Dhamma topics in Ven
      P's last long and detailed letter to me, that would be helpful too as
      there are many good points for us all to consider further. The same
      applies to anyone else who'd care to join in. I'm referring to

      I hope Ven P will meanwhile pursue any threads or introduce any new topics
      when he has time and health to do so. As you say, Nina, many appreciate
      hearing different opinions.

      A good suggestion for Ven P to also visit in April if he can.


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