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80683Re: [dsg] Reply to your letter on terminology vs practice

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  • sarah abbott
    Jan 1, 2008
      Dear Ven Pannabahulo,

      Thank you for your further comments.

      One clarification only for now:

      --- pannabahulo <pannabahulo@...> wrote:
      > You also state:
      > "The firm understanding of anatta and elements only develops from
      > condidering (Sic. I assume you meant `considering') the subtle
      > teachings deeper and deeper".
      > No Sarah. Not just by consideration (Cinta maya panna) but by direct
      > observation and experience (Bhavana maya panna). And here lies the
      > crucial difference between our points of view.
      S: Yes, considering. Without careful listening and a lot of wise
      consideration, there will never be bhavana maya panna. The conditions for
      it are indeed the suta maya panna and cinta maya panna.

      You'll see that other friends here have a 'take' closer to your own. In
      particular, I'm not sure if you saw Howard's kind reply to you?

      Thank you again for all your kind wishes and comments.


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