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76968Re: [dsg] Re: Puggala pa~n~natti

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  • DC Wijeratna
    Oct 1, 2007
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      Dear Tep,

      This is with regard to a message that you addressed to Nina. I hope you would excuse my intrusion. Here is the passage I am interested in:

      "T: Thank you this injection of pure Abhidhammic talk. The
      citta "phenomenon" you just described is not unlike the electron flow
      generation at a "generator base" inside a power generator of any
      electric utility. No electrons last while new ones are being rapidly
      generated, and we have electricity flows in cables to light up a
      whole city downstream."

      I have seen "electrons" and "electricity", if my memory serves me right, in some of your earlier communications.

      Now, my question is: What is an electron?
      I'll give my thesis: It is a figment of one's imagination. Reason: There are descriptions of the electron as a particle or as a wave.
      So what is your reaction?

      The Abhidhamma is beyond me. But this sort of stuff--electricity and electrons--I have some familiarity.

      Lots of mettaa,

      D. G. D. C. Wijeratna

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