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75198Not Hard to Accept (Re: [dsg] Re: Mindfulness of Walking)

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  • Andrew
    Aug 14 5:27 PM
      Dear Nina and Scott
      Thank you for your kind replies.

      > N: "...First the Buddha asks Raahula what a mirror is for. For
      > reflection. The Dhamma is like a mirror. It is not just thinking,
      > reflection with awareness..."
      > Scott: In the Paa.li sutta, this is phrased:
      > "...Ta.m kimma~n~nasi raahula kimatthiyo aadaasoti.
      > bhanteti..."
      > Scott: Paccavekkhana is not just thinking, as you note. I see where
      > it refers to a 'reviewing' or a going over something a second
      time. I
      > see how 'reflection' is given as one of the functions of pa~n~na
      > (Dhammasa"ngani).
      > I'm assuming that this too has to arise and cannot be directed. In
      > Atthasaalinii it is said:
      > "'Reflection,' or, in whom it arises it makes him think of
      > impermanence - this is 'reflection.'"

      Andrew: I am a little confused, too. Are thinking and reflection two
      different dhammas or the same dhamma but associated with different
      sets of cetasikas?

      The last quote above seems to suggest that reflection is citta with
      vicara + vitakka and with anicca as object? So it couldn't be
      satipatthana (as anicca isn't a dhamma).

      Many thanks
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