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70193Re: The Nature of Wisdom

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  • ken_aitch
    Apr 1, 2007
      --- In dhammastudygroup@yahoogroups.com, upasaka@... wrote:
      > Hi, all -
      > I have a conjectured perspective with regard to wisdom that
      would make
      > it not a single cetasika and would thus be contrary to the
      > explanation.


      > I don't take the perspective I outlined above as something I desire
      > be true - it would be fine with me if were entirely false. It
      simply seems
      > right to me.

      Hi Howard,

      What, in your opinion, is the value of such conjecture? To me, the
      straight Abhidhamma explanations seem right but, again, so what if
      they do? What is the value of my conjecture?

      According to the texts, wise consideration of the Buddha's teaching
      leads to enlightenment. There is no mention of wisely considering
      one's own teachings (or theories).

      Therefore, I don't think either of us should be influenced by
      thoughts of "This seems right (or wrong) to me."

      Ken H
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