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69214Re: Antw.: [dsg] Q. Rupas, Ch 1, no 2

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  • Herman Hofman
    Mar 5, 2007
      Hi Sarah,

      On 05/03/07, sarah abbott <sarahprocterabbott@...> wrote:
      > Hi TG,
      > --- TGrand458@... wrote:
      > > I can't think of one sutta that backs up the "arising and immediately
      > > ceasing" outlook.
      > .....
      > S: Do any of the following help?

      I thought that all your examples demonstrated the speed of change of
      consciousness/mental acts. There is nothing that can be known about
      the speed of change of the *objects* of consciousness/mental acts if
      their rate of change is slower. Unless you introduce a third party
      nama that knows that the fist nama is falling away while that third
      party remains to see it falling away, this is all speculation of an
      order that doesn't require observation or logic. Anything goes.

      If anything I say is not clear, please ask and I will happily clarify.

      KInd Regards

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