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69180Re: Antw.: [dsg] Q. Rupas, Ch 1, no 2

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  • rjkjp1
    Mar 4, 2007
      Dear TG
      If I read you correctly you think citta and mentality are actually
      types of matter. And that there is no arisng and falling of matter or
      How does your theory explain that one mght die as a human and then be
      reborn instantly - without any time interval-as a God in a distant
      world. Isn't that more than a slowly continuous change?
      And how could matter move so fast ?
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      > In a message dated 3/4/2007 11:30:40 P.M. Mountain Standard Time,
      > sarahprocterabbott@... writes:
      > > I can't think of one sutta that backs up the "arising and
      > > ceasing" outlook.
      > .....
      > S: Do any of the following help?
      > Hi Sarah
      > Not really. Nothing you posted suggests anything (regarding
      > other than "continuous change." Of course formations are
      different from one
      > moment to the next if things are changing continuously. That
      doesn't mean the
      > formations or phenomena "pop on and off." What it means is that
      > are constantly moving in relation to and in dependence on other
      > Generally the suttas will describe it as -- arising, changing
      > persisting, then ceasing. Its that "changing while persisting"
      part that indicates
      > "continuous change." Not to mention other references I've posted
      > that actually describe formations as "slowly/continuously
      > Move your arm up and down if you want to notice continuous
      change. You
      > won't notice it popping on and off during that process. What is
      the change in
      > moving the arm? There are a variety of changes occurring. But
      perhaps the
      > most obvious is the change in the formation/configuration of the
      body and its
      > relationship to exterior formations.
      > TG
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