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  • Sarah Procter Abbott
    Aug 3 9:34 PM
      Dear Shin,

      I agree with your useful comments and yes we need to hear the dhamma a LOT
      because of our wrong view and akusala (unwholesome) accumulations developed
      over so many, many lifetimes.

      Dosa is always accompanied by unpleasant feeling and thus it is sad in this
      sense. Actually we could say all akusala is sad in the sense that it isn't
      kusala and at these moments we're accumulating more akusala... Without
      akusala cetanas (unwholesome intentions) there would be no akusala vipaka
      (unwholesome results). No one, not even the Buddha can avoid these results
      (as we've discussed recently on the list), so it's the accumulations and the
      deeds that are the problem!. Actually I think dosa is sad in two ways,
      firstly because of the unpleasant feeling and secondly because at the moment
      of dosa it's accumulating more dosa and at times is strong enough to work
      with the cetana for the cetana to be akusala kammapatha....!

      The point was meant to be that we think we hear a sad or trajic story or go
      to a sad funeral, but really the sadness or aversion is just the
      dosa when we think about the story at that time. I remember so well when we
      went to Alan Driver's funeral in Thailand. I arrived quite upset but when I
      saw khun Sujin smiling and talking about the dhamma and plucking lillies it
      was impossible to go on feeling sad and of course quite useless....'who are
      you upset for?' she asked me....and the answer was not for Alan but for

      Thanks for yr comments,

      >Dear Jonothan,
      > First, I would like to thank you for the advise you have sent me. Yes,
      >what you said is correct. At the time, my intensions was to only provide
      >Paccaya informations and if we want to talk about it, it will really take
      >some time.
      > Lastly, I would like to say that the suicide story is a tragic. BUT
      >is all accumulations. It may be that her pervious life, she did the same
      >thing. And at that moment, it was only strong Akusula citta, accumulated
      >from Upanisayya Paccaya, that cause the action to come about. So therefore
      >we have to know the rise and fall of dhamma, and eventually there will be
      >restraint from the Akusula kamma automatically. Therefore if the
      >accumulations of not hearding the Truth of what dhamma is then, the cycle
      >rolls on. So DOSA is not sad, it is the out come that is bad or not good
      >result that is all.
      >with metta,

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