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678Re: [DhammaStudyGroup] Re: helping and not helping

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  • shinlin
    Aug 3, 2000
      Dear Jonothan,
      First, I would like to thank you for the advise you have sent me. Yes,
      what you said is correct. At the time, my intensions was to only provide the
      Paccaya informations and if we want to talk about it, it will really take
      some time.
      Lastly, I would like to say that the suicide story is a tragic. BUT this
      is all accumulations. It may be that her pervious life, she did the same
      thing. And at that moment, it was only strong Akusula citta, accumulated
      from Upanisayya Paccaya, that cause the action to come about. So therefore
      we have to know the rise and fall of dhamma, and eventually there will be
      restraint from the Akusula kamma automatically. Therefore if the
      accumulations of not hearding the Truth of what dhamma is then, the cycle
      rolls on. So DOSA is not sad, it is the out come that is bad or not good
      result that is all.
      with metta,
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      >>There are
      >>always going to be 'sad' stories, but actually it's the dosa that's 'sad'
      >>rather than the story!
      >Unless of course it's a masala dosa (ie the Indian kind), although come to
      >think of it, i've had some sad-looking masala dosa's in my time.
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