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65847Re: [dsg] Away for a Week

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  • sarah abbott
    Dec 3, 2006
      Dear Han, Howard & Nina,

      --- han tun <hantun1@...> wrote:

      > Dear Howard,
      > I wrote that post with all my sincerity that came
      > right from my heart.
      > But you are right. That might be my conceit!
      S: It's an interesting point. While it's true that comparisons (even those
      considering others to be 'superior' to us in some way) always smack of
      maana (conceit), I think it's only the rt understanding at any momement
      that can know, rather than blanket statements about the words used.

      Just as we discussed in the examples of harsh speech that the words
      themselves are not necessarily indicative of the mental states (a murderer
      may say 'may you sleep peacefully' and a mother may say something harsh
      sounding, but with kindness), so too one may say politely and respectfully
      that someone is very wise and that he himself knows very little. I think
      there are also many cultural factors at work here too. Only sati and panna
      will know. (Of course, there are bound to be lots of different kusala and
      akusala cittas arising and falling away in most 'situations').

      In any case, I appreciate the respect that both Han and Howard show in the



      > --- upasaka@... wrote:
      > > Hi, Han -
      > >
      > > Not much internet time for me while here in
      > > Texas, but I saw this post of yours and felt
      > > *obliged* to reply: Your comments are wildly off the
      > > the mark! You say much too much that is positive
      > > about me, and absurdly too much that is negative
      > > about you!! (Also, don't forget that even negative
      > > comparisons of oneself with others is "conceit", my
      > > friend.) You are an extraordinarily knowledgeable
      > > and articulate Buddhist - an impressive Dhamma
      > > scholar!
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